Simon Guo

What is Data Science?

Every day, huge amounts of data are generated by business, scientific, and social activity taking place all around us. With data coming from sensors, digital images, streaming video, satellite and medical imagery, and from interactions with cloud computing, data-driven approaches to decision making are being applied in areas as diverse as medicine, business, advertising, and entertainment. To make sense of it all, you’ll take courses in computer science and statistics and learn the methods used to analyze large data sets in order to predict and improve business strategy, products and services, marketing campaigns, medicine, and public health and safety.

These skills are in such high demand that rated data scientist as the top job for 2019!

Meet Simon

DataSci Simon GuoBesides his classes at school, Simon enjoys traveling, music, and cooking. When cooking for his friends he enjoys to create something new! For example, one of his cool culinary creations was peanut-butter fried eggs.

“I'm majoring in Data Science because I’m interested in statistics and computer science. At my last co-op job at a marketing analytics company I got a taste of the kind of work I want to do after I graduate. My future will involve using computers to analyze data.”

Your first year

All first-year students take a common selection of math courses called core courses. Normally in the fall term, students take:

*Note: For suggested electives and more information please visit our course selection page.

Potential co-op and career opportunities

Potential co-op opportunities
Sample titles Sample employers
  • IT Solution Developer
  • CS 136 Instructional Support Assistant
  • Data Scientist Intern
  • Statistician
  • Data Mining Research Assistant
  • Computer Vision Researcher
  • Environics Analytics
  • University of Waterloo
  • Facebook
  • Labstat International ULC
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Slyce
Potential career opportunities
  • Data Management Professional
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data-oriented Professional
  • Machine Learning Researcher/Practitioner