Applied Mathematics

Applied Math Emilee

“I chose Applied Math because it allows me the opportunity to collaborate with several different disciplines, and solve real-world problems.”

What is Applied Mathematics?

Applied Mathematics is the application of mathematics to real-world problems. It plays a dual role in understanding the real world by providing both explanatory and predictive power.

Applied Mathematics courses provide the tools for formulating and analyzing mathematical models in a broad range of disciplines. Training in applied mathematics will prepare you to tackle and face the challenges and rigours of the 21st-century workplace. Plus, partnerships with the Institute of Quantum Computing (IQC) and the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics uniquely position Applied Mathematics students for academic and career opportunities available exclusively to University of Waterloo students.

  • Available as a co-op or regular program
  • There are 40 courses for this degree
  • Graduate with a Bachelor of Mathematics, major in Applied Mathematics
  • Specializations in Biology, Economics, Engineering and Physics

First-year courses

  • MATH 135/145 - Classical Algebra
  • MATH 137/147 - Calculus 1
  • CS 115/135/145 - Computer Science
  • A communications course
  • One non-math elective

See full courses in our undergraduate calendar.

Upper-year courses

  • AMATH 231 - Calculus 4
  • AMATH 332 - Applied Complex Analysis
  • AMATH 351 - Ordinary Differential Equations 2
  • PMATH 365 - Differential Geometry
  • STAT 331 - Applied Linear Models

Sample co-op jobs

  • Assistant Survey Methodologist, Delcan Corporation
  • Data Scientist, Bell Canada
  • Financial Analyst, Facebook
  • Instructional Support Assistant, North Inc
  • Junior Marketing Analyst, Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation
  • Mobile Application Developer, Environment Canada
  • Web Full Stack Developer, The Hospital for Sick Children

Sample careers

  • Computing Consultant, University of Waterloo
  • Data Analyst, BMO Bank of Montreal
  • Quality Assurance Specialist, Maplesoft
  • Research Assistant, Tufts University
  • Strategy Analyst, Open Options
  • Software Developer, Latitude Geographics
  • Software Engineer, Instagram

Student story

Meet Emilee

Emilee is a firm believer in making sure that while you’re here at the University of Waterloo you should find a hobby. You need to be able to set aside time each day to do something you enjoy and that gets your mind off of school. With this in mind, Emilee is involved in a number of extracurriculars including serving as the co-chair of the Math Grad Committee and editor of Waterloo Math Review. She is a former VP of the Applied Math, C&O, Pure Math club and she keeps active with Waterloo cheerleading and other intramurals.

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How to apply

Apply to Mathematics for admissions consideration. If admitted, speak with an academic advisor after first year to declare Applied Mathematics as a major.

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