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Earning your economics degree

Economics Curriculum Chart

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Which plan should I follow?

Learn more about the various program requirements below.

Honours Economics and 4 Year General Economics

Honours Economics is the department's main program that serves as preparation for employment in the private sector or government, and as preparation for advanced studies in a variety of professional and academic programs. 

A minimum Economics major average of 70% is required to obtain an Honours degree. Students who achieve an Economics major average of at least 65% but below 70% are awarded the  4 Year General degree.

Honours Economics--Intensive Specialization

Honours Economics Intensive Specialization builds on the Department’s Honours Plan by adding an additional level of advanced courses and providing students an opportunity to engage in independent supervised research (Econ 472). The specialization also requires a minimum Economics Major average of 75%. The plan is recommended for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in Economics and becoming a research economist working in business, government or academia.

Honours Mathematical Economics

Honours Mathematical Economics is a variation on the Intensive Specialization Plan that involves a stronger foundation in mathematics.  The plan provides an alternative route to graduate studies in economics and is recommended for students contemplating an academic career.

Economics Minor

Economics Minor is suited to students who wish to increase their understanding of economic principles and analysis to complement their studies in Arts fields or business.

Economic Theory Minor

Economic Theory Minor is suited to students who wish to obtain exposure to economic theory to complement studies in STEM fields, and possibly prepare them for graduate studies in economics.

Economics Specializations

Students majoring in Honours Economics or Four-Year General Economics can pursue a specialization from the following areas:

Note: These specializations are different than the Intensive Specialization which is only available to Honours students. 

Admission into economics plans

How to apply

To apply for admission into Economics plans, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You have already completed at least 8 courses (4.0 units), including 2 ECON courses (typically ECON 101 and ECON 102).
  • You are in 'good' academic standing
  • You meet the minimum cumulative ECON average for the requested program. 

Please submit a plan modification form to an Economics Advisor. If you require academic advice, please come prepared with specific questions after reviewing the undergraduate calendar. 

If you are a student in another faculty wanting to apply to an Economics major plan, please apply for an internal transfer into the faculty of arts. You should make an appointment with an academic advisor in the Arts Undergraduate Office.