Graduate student stories

Andres Arcila-Vasquez

Pictur of Andres Arcila-Vasquez

How do we know public policies worked? Data is easier to collect than ever before. Andres explains why data is changing public policy and how you can find truth in the numbers. Watch Andres' interview.

Jingru (Lorraine) Ye

Lorraine Ye Picture

Jingru (Lorraine) Ye, a recent Economics graduate, has written an article for us outlining her perspective about the MA Co-op Program in Economics at the University of Waterloo.

Yi Dong

Picture of Yi Dong

One of our current MA Co-op Graduate students in Economics, Yi Dong, has written an interesting article called Reshuffle of the China's Education System: The Double Reduction Policy.

David Kim

David Kim picture

David Kim “Co-op at the master’s level is important because it provides you with networking opportunities and the environment to apply the skills and knowledge obtained during your studies, which is significant as you transition from the classroom to the workforce.”

Zehua Pan

Zehua Pan

Zehua Pan, a PhD graduate, shares some of his experiences throughout his time at the University of Waterloo by answering a handful of questions.

Andres Arcila-Vasquez

Pictur of Andres Arcila-Vasquez

Andres Arcila-Vasquez, a recent PhD graduate, gives his point of view on his time spent at the University of Waterloo. 

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