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Economics concepts for everyday life

How do you turn a poor country into a rich country? What can government do to stimulate new industries like biotechnology and green energy? Economists make sense of the world. Our professors research issues that have a real, lasting impact - like how to avoid another financial crisis.

Our economics programs help you gain valuable insight and useful knowledge about how decisions are made domestically and globally, and how the study of economics can benefit your own everyday life.

Why study economics at Waterloo?

Our students benefit from:

Our department offers core courses in economic theory and econometrics. Build on these foundations through elective courses in public policy, labour, health, finance and more.

Undergraduate news and events​​​​

  • February 20 - 23: Reading Week
  • March 1: Intention to Graduate forms due for June convocation
  • March 10: March Break Open House 2018
  • March 27: Open enrolment begins for Spring 2018 term
  • April 4: Last day of class (follows Friday schedule)
  • April 9 - 24: Winter 2018 exam period