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Alumni giving back

Generous donations from alumni, students, faculty and staff help our department to improve resources and services for students.

Alumni Panels and Invited TalksMan sitting at a desk in front of an open laptop

The Department has an ongoing initiative to invite alumni back to the department, to help guide current students as they navigate their education and career goals. The advice that alumni have to offer is invaluable for the current students, as well as for the faculty as we guide and shape our programs.

PhD Conference

Periodically, we will host a conference for our alumni who have gone on to PhD programs in Economics. This conference provides alumni with an opportunity to present their research and receive feedback, as well as providing current UW graduate students with insight and advice on pursuing a PhD in economics.

eCon conference

The student run UW Economics Society coordinates an annual conference connecting current students, faculty and alumni, as well as industry experts to discuss how classroom theories can be applied on the job. Please visit the Economics Society web site to learn more. 

The Kenneth Stollery Memorial Graduate Award

The Kenneth Stollery memorial graduate award was established in memory of Professor Ken Stollery, a long time professor of the department of economics, who passed away in 2005. The $1,000 award is awarded to a graduate student enrolled in the Masters or PhD program in the department of economics who demonstrates academic excellence and financial need. This award is made possible by donations from family, friends, students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Nihar and Mina Bose Graduate Scholarship

The Nihar and Mina Bose Graduate Scholarship was created in 2018 through the generosity of Professor Sukesh Ghosh and Mrs. Nandita Ghosh in honour of Professor Ghosh’s late uncle and aunt, Nihar and Mina Bose. The scholarship awards $1500 to a graduate student in the Department of Economics based on academic achievement and financial need.

Jacqueline Armstrong Gates Scholarship in Economics

The Jacqueline Armstrong Gates Scholarship in Economics scholarship, valued at $2,000, will be awarded annually to a full-time undergraduate student enrolled in Year Two or Three majoring in any program in the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Arts. Selection is based on academic excellence (minimum 80% cumulative average). This fund is made possible by a donation from Jacqueline Armstrong Gates (BA ’91).

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