PhD Thesis and First Job Placements

ECON PhD Graduate


Li, Yixuan

Thesis: Essays on Portfolio Selection, Continuous-time Analysis, and Market Incompleteness

Supervisor: Tao Chen

Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Economics and Political Science, MacEwan University


Yang, Xinyuan

Thesis: An Analysis of Optimal Agricultural Fertilizer Application Decisions in the Presence of Market and Weather Uncertainties and Nutrient Pollution

Supervisor: Margaret Insley

Placement: To Be Determined



Chen, Zongjia

Thesis: The Relative Performance of International Students and Their Academic Program Choices

Supervisor: Mikal Skuterud

Placement: Statistics Canada, Census of Agriculture


Mascella, Allison

Thesis: The Time-Use of Canadian Immigrant Families: Differences in Time Inputs on Child Raising

Supervisor: Ana Ferrer

Placement: To Be Determined


Pan, Zehua

Thesis: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation into the Economic Relationship Between Forested Watersheds and Water Treatment Costs

Supervisor: Roy Brouwer

Placement: Senior Manager, Fraud Research and Analytics, RBC




Arcila-Vasquez, Andres

Thesis: Three Essays In Policy Evaluation

Supervisor: Ana Ferrer

Placement: TD Bank, Quantitative Associate, Risk Management Department

Huang, Yichun

Thesis: The Economics of Water Conservation Regulations in Mining: An Application to Alberta's Lower Athabasca River Region

Supervisor: Margaret Insley

Placement: Post-doctoral fellowship - The Water Institute, University of Waterloo


Pan, Yazhuo

Thesis: Essays in Wealth Effect, Family Structure, and Female Labour Supply

Supervisors: Ana Ferrer & Stephanie Lluis

Placement: University of Toronto, Research Officer

Tian, Renfang

Thesis: On Functional Data Analysis: Methodologies and Applications

Supervisor: Tao Chen

Placement: Assistant Professor, King's University College, Western University



Aghakazemjourabbaf, Sara

Thesis: The Economics of Waste Clean-Up from Resource Extraction Projects: Environmental Bonds versus Strict Liability

Supervisor: Margaret Insley

Placement: Senior Associate, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC Canada

McLeod, Shernette

Thesis:Commodity prices, stock prices and economic activity in a small open economy

Supervisor: Jean-Paul Lam

Placement: TD Bank, Economist

Memartoluie, Ghazal

Thesis: Empirical essays in water and electricity use

Supervisor: Anindya Sen



Chen, Yu

Thesis: Skill mismatch in the labour market 

Supervisor: Francisco Gonzalez

Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Calgary 


Thesis: Essays in Earnings, Academic Productivity,and School Competition

Supervisor: ​Anindya Sen

Placement: Post-doctoral position, Chinese Institute of Engineering Development Strategies (CIEDS), School of Public Policy and Management (SPPM), Tsinghua University, China.

Ghaziaskar, Mohamad

Thesis:​ Essays in Consumer Debt, Personal Saving Rate, and Household Insolvency in Canada

Supervisors: Thomas Parker and Anindya Sen

Placement: Definite Term Lecturer, King's - Western University​

Li, Hongxiu

Thesis: Three essays on the economics of innovation as adaptation to climate change

Supervisor: Horatiu Rus

Placement: Data Scientist, Sun Life Financial

Zhang, Jue

Thesis: The labour market integration of immigrants and their role on innovation

Supervisor: Mikal Skuterud

Placement: Research Analyst, Immigration, Refugee, and Canadian Citizenship (IRCC)


Amery, Behnoush

Thesis title: Three Empirical Essays on Job Training, Income Support Programs, and Household Debt

Supervisor: ​Anindya Sen

Placement: Senior Economist, Labour Market Information Council

Oystrakh, Mykhaylo 

Thesis Title: The Effect of Technological Innovations on Economic Activity

Supervisor: Jean-Paul Lam

Placement: Senior Model Validation Analyst, Assistant Vice-President, Bank of the West


Lin, Xiao Yan

Thesis title: ​Three Essays on Financial Modelling with Price Limits  

Supervisor: Dinghai Xu

Placement: Ernst and Young

Legree, Scott

Thesis Title:Three Essays in Labour Economics and Public Finance.

Supervisor:​ Mikal Skuterud

Placement: Analyst, Statistics Canada


Niu, Shilei

Thesis title: Economics of Ramping Rate Restrictions At Hydro Power Plants: Balancing Profitability And Environmental Concerns

Supervisors: Margaret Insley and Tony Wirjanto

Placement: Assistant Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University, Suzhou, China

Zelaya, Mauricio

Thesis title: The Role of Institutions on R&D, FDI, and Economic Growth

Supervisors: Joel Blit & Anindya Sen

Placement: Associate Partner, Economic Advisor, Ernst and Young


Choi, Wai Hong

Thesis title: Three Papers on the Effects of Competition in Energy Markets

Supervisor: ​Anindya Sen

Placement: Senior Program Advisor, Programs Branch, Canada Border Services Agency

Franceschi, Francesco 

Thesis title: Female Labour Supply

Supervisor: John Burbidge

Placement: Economist, Research Department, Bank of Italy


Al Mansour, Abdullah

Thesis title: Essays in risk management for crude oil markets

Supervisors: Margaret Insley and Tony Wirjanto

Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Finance & Economics
College of Industrial Management, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Shi, Jingye

Thesis title: Time allocation and the weather

Supervisor: ​Mikal Skuterud

Placement:Assistant Professor, Research Institute of Economics and Management, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics,


Chen, Shan

Thesis title: Modelling the dynamics of commodity prices for investment decisions under uncertainty

Supervisors: Margaret Insley and Tony Wirjanto

Placement: Manager, Enterprise Model Risk Management, Royal Bank of Canada

Entezarkheir, Mahdiyeh

Thesis title: Essays on innovation, patents, and econometrics

Supervisor:​Mikko Packalen

Placement: Assistant Professor, Huron University College, University of Western Ontario

Su, Mingcui

Thesis title: Three chapters on the labour market assimilation of Canada's immigrant population

Supervisor: ​Mikal Skuterud

Placement: Assistant Professor, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu City, China