If you have compelling and verifiable evidence that you are unable to write a final exam at the scheduled time, you must follow this procedure to apply for a deferred exam. 

  • Download the form and fill it in using Adobe (if you fill it out on Chrome, you will have to retype it when you download it). 
  • Complete the fillable Deferred final exam request form (PDF) DO NOT USE OLD FORMS and do not save as read only. Read the instructions on the form carefully and do not leave any sections blank.
    • Please save your form as "ECON ___ LastNameFirstNameStudentID Deferred Exam Request"
  • From your UWaterloo email, email the completed form with scanned supporting documentation to econdefexam@uwaterloo.ca within 2 business days of the missed final exam.
  • If you miss more than one final exam in your economics courses, you must complete a separate request form and repeat this process for each missed exam. You may attach multiple request forms in your email.  The department will not make photocopies or scans of your supporting documentation. This is your responsibility. 
  • You will be notified at your University of Waterloo e-mail address whether your request is approved or denied; it is your responsibility to ensure that your UW email account is working properly.
  • If approved, your instructor will arrange a new date to write the exam.
  • Verification of illness form

If you have missed an online exam, please contact extendedlearning@uwaterloo.ca.

Deferred final exams

This policy is consistent with the Registrar’s Office Accommodation Due to Illness policy.

Deferrals of final examinations are not automatic upon the presentation of suitable medical verification. We will use this documentation together with other information to determine whether accommodation is warranted.

By university policy, students are required to write their final examinations as scheduled. In extenuating circumstances, students may request a deferred final exam. However, the following are not considered legitimate reasons for requesting a deferred exam:

  • Requesting more time to study
  • Travel arrangements during the final exam period
  • Illnesses that are not supported with proper documentation
  • Misreading the final exam schedule
  • A full or busy final exam schedule (the policy on time conflicts and overlaps is outlined in the Registrar’s Office’s final exam relief information)
* Please note, requests for deferred examinations will not be accepted if any of the following circumstances exist:
  • You have not written any of the midterms for your course or your final exam is worth more than 90% of your course grade
  • You fail to provide supporting documentation explaining why you missed the final exam
  • You missed the Registrar’s Office deadline for final exam relief for a busy/conflicting exam schedule
  • Your deferred final exam request is excessively late

Frequently asked questions

Updated Spring 2021. This policy has been in effect since Fall 2013.