Profiles & Achievements

Many of our MA and PhD alumni have found great success in their careers. Our graduate career outcomes page provides a list of alumni profiles. 

Here is a selection of undergraduate alumni that have recently embarked on exciting careers after graduation.

Matthew Lo

Joint Honours Environment & Business Co-op and Economics

Matthew LoAs an economics student at Waterloo, I was passionate about the social and environmental issues that are occurring around us. I was driven to recognize how we can understand and solve these issues using a number of theories and methods in the field of economics.

Ahmad Jiwani

Honours BA, Arts & Business and Economics, Co-op

Ahmad JiwaniThroughout my undergraduate studies in the Honours Arts & Business program, I was exposed to several unique learning opportunities that strengthened my overall business acumen. The program offered a number of practical business courses with the added bonus of participating in the University of Waterloo’s renowned co-op program, which allowed me to jump start my career and flourish in a number of professional roles.

Karen Tan

Honours BA, Arts & Business and Economics, International Trade Specialization

Karen Tan.During my undergraduate degree I worked in the marketing department of several tech firms including Microsoft Canada. It was in my last year of university that I decided to shift my career focus from the private to the public sector, and I spent a semester working with the Government of Canada.

Tahira Nizari

Honours BA Economics, Management Studies Minor

Tahira Nizari.I have always wanted to be a humanitarian worker, to serve and to contribute positively to rural communities or to work in areas relating to economic development. As an undergraduate, I was always mindful of my dream and I selected my courses accordingly.