Current Course Outlines: Spring 2022

Current term course outlines are listed by section and can be downloaded as a PDF file. If you are looking for previous term course outlines, please see the Previous Term Course Outlines page.

Course level: 100 | 200 | 300 | 400

100-Level Courses

ECON 101: Introduction to Microeconomics

ECON 102: Introduction to Macroeconomics - please see Centre for Extended Learning for the outlines

200-Level Courses

ECON 201: Microeconomic Theory for Business and Policy

ECON 206: Money and Banking 1

ECON 207: Economics Growth and Development 1

ECON 211: Introduction to Mathematical Economics

ECON 221: Statistics for Economists

ECON 231: Introduction to International Economics

ECON 254: Introduction to Economics of Sport

ECON 255: Introduction to Economics of Natural Resources

ECON 290: Models of Choice in Competitive Markets

300-Level Courses

ECON 306: Macroeconomics

ECON 322: Econometric Analysis 1

ECON 323: Econometric Analysis 2

ECON 332: International Finance

ECON 371: Business Finance 1

ECON 391: Equilibrium in Market Economies

ECON 393: Market Failures

400-Level Courses

ECON 407: Economic Growth and Development 2

ECON 437: Urban Economics

ECON 443: Advanced Public Economics

ECON 452: Topics in Labour Economics

ECON 483: Special Topics: Econometrics and Consulting

MGMT courses:

MGMT 171: Fundamentals of Personal and Business Finance

MGMT 220: Entrepreneurship and the Creative Workplace

MGMT 244: Marketing 1: Principles of Marketing and Consumer Economics

MGMT 345: Marketing 2: Marketing Strategy