Economics 2+2 students

2+2 students sitting on bench

Two universities. Two degrees.

Welcome to the home of the University of Waterloo, Economics 2+2 Program.

Students complete their first two years of study at their home university, and then complete a further two years of study at Waterloo, receiving a degree from each university.

Hear what our current students have to say about academic and student life at UWaterloo in the video below!


Qidi Hu - Alumnus

Honours Economics, 2+2 program, 2016-2018Qidi Hu
Recipient of the Governor General's Silver Medal

"The 2+2 program offered by the Waterloo Economics Department provides a wonderful platform for student development.  They deliver abundant academic resources that help students find good job opportunities, leveraged by the top ranked reputation of the University. Doing an undergraduate in two different cultural environments expands students horizons, develop their internationalization visions and give students an unforgettable lifetime experience. During the two years in the Economics 2+2 program, students will build a strong foundation in economics and the other fields which students are interested in, and they will also improve their communication skills. This transforms students in to competitive candidates upon graduation." -Qidi Hu

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