Past Department Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Dec 8/23 Cuimin Ba "Robust Misspecified Models and Paradigm Shifts"
Dec 1/23 Yu Awaya "Commonality of Information and Commonality of Beliefs" (with V. Krishna)
Nov 24/23 Colin Stewart "Boundedly Rational Demand'' (with P. Kocourek and J. Steiner)
Nov 17/23 Rumen Kostadinov "Regret in Durable-Good Monopoly"
Nov 10/23 Pete Kyle "Flow Trading"
Nov 3/23 Zijian Wang "Payments and the Provision of Privacy by Digital Platforms" (with P. Gomis-Porqueras)
Oct 20/23 Nouri Najjar "Hysteresis and the Environment: The Effect of Flaring and Venting on Agriculture" (with A.Guerin and B. Schaufele)
Oct 18/23 Cheng Hsiao "Panel Treatment Effects Measurement - Factor or Linear Projection Modelling?" (with Qiankun Zhou)
Oct 12/23 Suresh Naidu "The Costs and Benefits of Guest Worker Programs: Experimental Evidence from the India-UAE Migration Corridor" (with Y. Nyarko and S. Wang)
Oct 6/23 Sergio Montero "Representation Failure" (with M.Iaryczower and G. Kim)
Sept 15/23 Rohini Pande "Inequality, externalities, and climate"
Sept 14/23 Rohini Pande "Updating the State: Information Acquisition Costs and Social Protection Delivery "
April 14/23

Marek Weretka

"Contracts with interdependent preferences subtitle: Empathetic design" (Joint with Debraj Ray)
March 31/23

Irene Botosaru

“Identification of Time-Varying Counterfactual Parameters in Nonlinear Panel Models"
March 17/23 Andres Carvajal "Idiosyncratic risk and the equity premium"
March 3/23 Gajendran Raveendranathan "Over-optimism about Graduation and College Financial Aid" 
January 13/23 Yixuan Li "Stochastic Discount Factors in Incomplete Markets" 
December 2/22

Nahim Zahur, Queen's University

"Long-term Contracts and Efficiency in the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry"
November 25/22

Ming Xu, Queen's University

"Decomposing Passthrough: Labor Market Power, Technology, and Adjustment Costs" (coauthored by M.Chan, Queen's University and S. Salgado, University of Pennsylvania)
November 18/22

Andriana Bellou, University of Montreal

"The Long-Run Impacts of Adolescent Drinking Evidence from Zero Tolerance Laws" (with J. Lewis and T. Abboud)
October 28/22

Jonathan Zhang, McMaster University

"Impacts of Clinician Education: Evidence from a National Opiod Academic Detailing Program"
October 21/22

Rahul Deb, University of Toronto

"Which Wage Distributions Are Consistent with Statistical Discrimination"
October 7/22

Vikram Manjunath,University of Ottawa

"Sequential Composition of Choice Functions” (with S. Horan, University of Montreal)
April 8/22 Clémentine Van Effenterre, University of Toronto "Can More Objective Performance Information Overcome Gender Differences in Interview Evaluations?"
April 1/22 Lisa Tarquinio, University of Western Ontario "The Politics of Drought Relief: Evidence from Southern India"
March 25/22 Zach Mahone, McMaster University "Business Ownership and the Secondary Market"

December 6/20

Nicholas Rivers, University of Ottawa

"The economic cost of air pollution: Evidence from Europe"

 November 29/20

Andrea Craig, Windsor University

“Commute Mode and Residential Location Choice.”

 November 22/20

David Green, UBC

“The Minimum Wage, Turnover, and the Shape of the Wage Distribution”

November 15/20

Lisa Kahn, University of Rochester

"Dropouts Need Not Apply? The Minimum Wage and Skill Upgrading"

November 8/20

Jorg Stoye, Cornell University

"Revealed Price Preference: Theory and Empirical Analysis"

October 29/20

Janet Currie, Princeton University 

"The Clean Air Acts and Racial Inequality in Ambient Air Pollution"

October 11/20

Victor Aguiar, Western University

"The Theory of Weak Revealed Preference"

September 13/20

Pau Pujolas, McMaster University

"Trade and Structural Transformation"

September 6/20

Semih Uslu, John Hopkins Carey Business School

“Liquidity in the Cross Section of OTC Assets.”

March 6/20

Kevin Milligan, UBC

"Health, mortality, and earnings in a resource boom: the case of WLEMMAs"

February 28/20

Sergio Ocampo Diaz, Western University                                                         

"A Task Based Theory of Occupations"

February 21/20      

Ted McDonald, New Brunswick                      

"Surgeon experience and surgical complications: applications of linked administrative health data"

February 7/20

Eric Bahel, Virginia Tech

"Hyperadditive Games and Applications to Networks or Matching Problems"

January 10/20

Juan Morales, Collegio Carlo Alberto            

"Jam-barrel Politics"

April 9/19     

Arpad Abraham, European University  Insitute 

“Climbing the Wage Ladders: Determining the Sources of Idiosyncratic Wage Dynamics and Implications for Policy”

April 5/19    

Fabian Lange, McGill

"Signalling and Employer Learning with Instruments"

March 29/19

Ben Lester, Federal Reserve Bank  of Philadelphia

"Job Referrals and Hiring Frictions"

March 22/19

Aaron Sojourner, Minnesota

"Using Machine Learning to Translate Applicant Work History into Predictors of Performance and Turnover"

March 15/19    

Robert de Jong, Ohio State

"The autoregressive sign process"

March 8/19

Brian McCaig, WLU

“Microenterprise performance and export markets: Evidence from Vietnam”

February 8/19

Grant Gibson, McMaster                             

"O Brother How Art Thou? Propensity to Report Unmet Need"

November 30/18

Daniel Barron, Northwestern Kellogg

"The Use and Abuse of Coordinated Punishments," joint with Yingni Guo

November 23/18

Kory Kroft, University of Toronto

“Pay Transparency and the Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from Canada" (with Michael Baker, Yosh Halberstam, Alex Mas, and Derek Messacar).

November 16/18

Roy Allen, University of Western Ontario

"Assessing Misspecification and Aggregation for Structured Preferences," (joint with John Rehbeck) 

November 9/18

Carlos Lamarche, Kentucky

“Common Correlated Effects Estimation of Heterogeneous: Dynamic Panel Quantile Regression Models” (coauthored with M. Harding and H. Pesaran)

November 2/18

Lance Lochner, University of Western Ontario (SWORDC)

"Parental Support, Savings and Student Loan Repayment"

October 19/18

Briana Chang, Wisconsin 

“Endogenous Market Making and Network Formation”.

October 12/18

Steve Lehrer, Queens/NYU Shanghai

"Assessing the Hype of Machine Learning for Empiricists"

October 5/18

Jon Eguia, Michigan State University

"Regime Change"

September 27/18

David Card, University of California, Berkeley

“Are Referees and Editors in Economics Gender Neutral”

September 21/18

Jinhua Zhao, Michigan State University.                                   

“Adaptation to Climate Change: Extreme Events versus Gradual Changes.”

April 20, 2018

Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, McGill University

"Inequalities in Aging in Canada: Adventures in Administrative Data Wonderland"

December 1/17

Greg Pavlov, Western University

"Multiproduct multiunit monopolist"

November 24/17

Ronald Wolthoff, University of Toronto

"Meetings and Mechanisms"

November 10/17

Olena Ivus, Queen's University

"Patent exhaustion regime and international production sharing: Winners and losers?"

November 3/17

Herb Emery, University of New Brunswick

"How large are the economic returns to English-French bilingualism in New Brunswick?"

October 27/17

Amy Sun, Queen's University

"A Macroeconomic Theory of Banking Oligopoly"

October 20/17

Lynda Khalaf, Carleton University

"Multilevel and Tail Risk Management: Backtesting ETFs"

October 18/17

Martha Justus, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

"Facilitating your transition to the workforce: What gave me a leg up"

October 6/17

Lars Stentoft, Western University

"Pricing Individual Stock Options using both Stock and Market Index Information"

September 29/17

Debraj Ray, New York University

"Groups in Conflict"

September 27/17

Ken Shotts, Stanford Graduate School of Business

"Challengers and Electoral Accountability"

September 22/17

Craig Riddell, University of British Columbia

"Unions and Wage Inequality: The Roles of Gender, Skills and Public Sector Employment"

September 14/17

Stergios Skaperdas, University of California, Irvine

"Guns, Lawyers,and Markets: Economic Consequences of Costly Conflict"

April 19/17 

Javier Fernandez-Blanco, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

"Unemployment Risks and Intra-Household Insurance"

March 24/17

Kunio Tsuyuhara, University of Calgary

"Making Do with Less? Workers' On-the-Job Effort and the Role on Macro Effects"

March 17/17

Mehmet Kutluay, PhD Candidate at VU University Amsterdam

"(Over) Reaction to New Information: Valuing Malaria and Probability Weighting"

February 10/17

Yao Luo, University of Toronto

"Bundling and Nonlinear Pricing in Telecommunications”

February 3/17

Mark Tremblay, University of Ottawa

"Canadian Health Measures Survey: A Personal Journey from Conception to Policy Impact" 

November 25/16

Miles Corak, University of Ottawa

"Divided Landscapes of Economic Opportunity: The Canadian Geography of Intergenerational Mobility"

November 18/16

Silvia Gonçalves, Western University

"Bootstrapping factor models with cross sectional dependence"

November 11/16

Phil DeCicca, McMaster University

"The impact of education on lifetime fertility: Evidence from Canada"

October 28/16

Juan Ortner, Boston University

"Making Corruption Harder: Asymmetric Information, Collusion and Crime’’

October 21/16

Stephanie McWhinnie, University of Adelaide

"International Fisheries Access Agreements and Trade"

October 14/16

Phil Oreopoulos, University of Toronto

"Student Coaching: How far can technology go?"

October 7/16

David Autor, MIT

"Importing Political Polarization?  The Electoral Consequences of Rising Trade Exposure"

September 30/16

Jake Wong, University of Adelaide

"Aggregate Reallocation Shocks, Islands and Distance"

September 13/16 

Nick Bedard, University of Technology, Sydney

"Optimal Mechanisms for Selling a Public Good with Interdependent Values” (with Jacob Goeree)

September 9/16

Neil Brisley, University of Waterloo

Market-Specific Human Capital: Talent Mobility, Compensation, and Shareholder Value

June 22/16 

Shernette McLeod, University of Waterloo 

"The Contribution of Shocks to Business Cycle Movements in a Small Open Economy" 

June 15/16 

Mark Zhou, University of Waterloo 

"Monetary and Fiscal Policies in a Heterogeneous-Agent Economy" 

June 8/16 

Yu Chen, University of Waterloo 

“Skill Mismatch and the Labour Market Recovery” 

May 25/16 

Ghazal Memartoluie, University of Waterloo 

"Determinants of Hourly Ontario Energy Prices (HOEP) 

May 25/16 

Hang Gao, University of Waterloo 

"Pay, Promotion and Education in Ontario Public Sector" 

May 25/16 

Andrés Mauricio Arcila Vasquez, University of Waterloo 

"Construction and Childcare: Revisiting the Gender Wage Gap in the Context of Occupational Segregation" 

May 18/16 

Sara Aghakazemjourabbaf, University of Waterloo 

"Optimal Resource Extraction with Hazardous Waste Production and an Environmental Bond" 

May 11/16 

Zongjia (Jack) Chen, University of Waterloo 

"The Labour Market Outcomes of Former International Students: Evidence from the National Graduates Survey" 

May 4/16 

Mohamad Ghaziasgar, University of Waterloo 

"Do the Rich Save More? Revisiting an Old Question with New Approaches" 

April 27/16 

Andrés Mauricio Arcila Vasquez, University of Waterloo 

"Evaluating the unanticipated effect of a policy: The case of the motorcycle market in Colombia" 

April 4/16 

Thomas Crossley, University of Essex 

"Lost in Translation: What do Engel Curves tell us about the cost of living"? 

March 18/16 

Michel Serafinelli, University of Toronto 

"Politico-economic Regimes and Attitudes: Female Workers under State-socialism" 

March 11/16 

Nicole Fortin, University of British Columbia 

"Computer Gaming and Test Scores: Cross-Country Gender Differences Amongst Teenagers" 

Dec 4/15 

Shari Eli, University of Toronto 

"The Long-Run Effects of Losing the Civil War: Evidence from Border States" 

Nov 20/15 

Shintaro Yamaguchi, McMaster University 

“Effects of Parental Leave Policies on Female Career and Fertility Choices" 

Nov 13/15 

Colin Stewart, University of Toronto 

“Rational Inattention Dynamics: Inertia and Delay in Decision-Making" 

Nov 9/15 

Ian Heffernan, University of Calgary 

“Peace Diamonds: Combating Civil War with a Diamond Certification Scheme" 

Nov 6/15 

Jiaying Gu, University of Toronto 

“Unobserved Heterogeneity in Income Dynamics: An Empirical Bayes Perspective” 

Oct 30/15 

Kevin Bryan, University of Toronto 

“When Double Marginalization Helps" 

Oct 23/15 

Georgy Egorov, Northwestern University 

“Social Mobility and Stability of Democracy: Re-evaluating De Tocqueville" 

Oct 16/15 

Derek Stacey, Ryerson University 

"Advertised Prices in Decentralized Markets" 

Oct 7/15 

Richard Freeman, Harvard University 

It's Where You Work: Increases in Earnings Dispersion Across Establishments and Individuals in the U.S. 

Oct 2/15 

Laura Turner, University of Toronto 

"Divorce and Remarriage with On the Marriage Search"   

Sep 25/15 

Chris Bidner, Simon Fraser University 

"A Theory of Minimalist Democracy" 

Sep 16/15 

Gadi Barlevy, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 

"Mandatory Disclosure and Financial Contagion" 

June 24/15 

Michael Coelli, University of Melbourne 

"How Principals Affect Schools" 

June 17/15 

Sonja (Yu) Chen, University of Waterloo 

"The Unemployment Rate of Low-Skilled Workers" 

June 10/15 

Mark Zhou, University of Waterloo 

"Indebted Sellers, Housing Liquidity and Mortgage Standards" 

June 3/15 

Mohamad Ghaziaskar, University of Waterloo 

"A Household Level Study of Determinants of Saving in Canada" 

May 27/15 

Lisa (Xiao) Lin, University of Waterloo 

"Financial Modelling with Price Limits" 

May 20/15 

Scott Legree, University of Waterloo 

"Income Splitting: Old and New" 

May 13/15 

Jean Guillaume Forand, University of Waterloo 

"Dynamic Relationships" 

May 2/15 

David Levine, European University Institute 

"Collusion, Randomization, and Leadership in Groups" 

March 23/15 

Elliot Lipnowski, NYU Stern 

"Repeated Delegation" 

Dec 8/14 

Thomas Lemieux, University of British Columbia 

"Top Incomes in Canada: Evidence from the Census" 

Dec 2/14 

Pau Pujolas, McMaster University 

"Nonlinear Gravity" 

Nov 28/14 

Audrey Laporte, University of Toronto 

"Should the Grossman model retain its iconic status in health economics?" 

Nov 21/14 

Lutz-Alexander Busch, University of Waterloo   

"Truly convex Preferences" 

Nov 19/14 

Andres Carvajal, Western University 

JOBS and SOX: ‘Evolving with New Paths to Capital Formation' 

Nov 14/14 

Steve Salant, University of Michigan 

"Hotelling Under Pressure" 

Nov 7/14 

Casey Warman, Dalhousie University 

“Issues in Immigrant Economic Integration in Canada" 

Oct 24/14 

Audra Bowlus, Western University 

“Technological Change in the Production of Human Capital Over the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s" 

Oct 17/14 

Stefania Albanesi, New York Federal Reserve 

“Insolvency After the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform" 

Oct 10/14 

Jeffrey Racine, McMaster University 

"Direct Nonparametric Conditional Quantile Estimation" 

Oct 3/14 

Nicola Lacetera, University of Toronto 

"Bid Takers or Market Makers?  The Effect of Auctioneers on Auction Outcomes" 

Sep 26/14 

Ben Sand, York University 

"The Great Reversal in the Demand for Skill and Cognitive Tasks" 

Sep 17/14 

Chris Bauch, University of Waterloo 

"The influence of social norms on the dynamics of vaccinating behaviour for paediatric infectious diseases" 

June 26/14 

Stephanie Lluis, University of Waterloo 

"Mobility and Career Concerns of USPTO Examiners" 

June 19/14 

Davin Raiha, Western University 

"An Informational Theory of Industrial Blackmail" 

June 12/14 

Mikal Skuterud, University of Waterloo 

"Estimating the labour market return to immigrant language training" 

June 5/14 

Mauricio Zelaya, University of Waterloo 

"Intellectual Property Rights and Firm R&D in a Globalised World" 

May 22/14 

Scott Legree, University of Waterloo 

"How responsive is taxable income to changes in marginal tax rates?  Evidence from the Canadian Provinces" 

May 15/14 

Margaret Insley, University of Waterloo 

"On the timing of non-renewable resource extraction with regime switching prices:  an optimal stochastic control approach" 

May 8/14 

Hongxiu Li, University of Waterloo 

"Climate change adaptation and international environmental agreements with heterogeneous agents" 

May 1/14 

Allison Mascella, University of Waterloo 

"Parental time allocation and immigrants in Canada" 

Apr 24/14 

Domenico Lombardi, CIGI 

"An Update on the Eurozone Crisis" 

Apr 17/14 

John Burbidge, University of Waterloo 

"The role of commodity taxation in Pareto efficient tax structures for redistribution" 

Mar 25/14 

Randall Wright, University of Wisconsin 

"Housing and Liquidity" 

Jan 23/14 

Edward Egan, National Bureau of Economic Research 

"How Start-up Firms Innovate: Technology Strategy, Commercialization Strategy, and their Relationship" 

Dec 3/13 

Igor Livshits, Western University 

"Screening as a Unified Theory of Delinquency, Renegotiation, and Bankruptcy" 

Nov 29/13 

Alberto Galasso, University of Toronto 

"Patents and Cumulative Innovation: Causal Evidence from the Courts" 

Nov 20/13 

Greg DeAngelo, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

"Learning the Ropes: Task Specific Experience and the Output of Idaho State Troopers" 

Nov 15/13 

Kevin Lang, Boston University 

"The Black-White Education-Scaled Test-Score Gap in Grades K-7" 

Nov 8/13 

Steve Lehrer, Queen's University 

"Estimating Context Independent Treatment Effects in Education Experiments" 

Nov 1/13 

Brian McCall, University of Michigan 

"Repeat Use of Unemployment Insurance in the United States: Evidence from the NLSY79"  

Oct 25/13 

Guido Menzio, University of Pennsylvania 

"Shopping Externalities and Self-Fulfilling Unemployment Fluctuations" 

Oct 18/13 

Joel Horowitz, Northwestern University 

"Nonparametric Estimation of a Heterogeneous Demand Function under the Slutsky Inequality Restriction" 

Oct 16/13 

Yu Chen, University of Waterloo 

"Employee dynamics after recessions" 

Oct 11/13 

Shilei Niu, University of Waterloo 

"An Options Pricing Approach to Ramping Rate Restrictions at Hydro Power Plants"  

Oct 8/13 

Jeremy Lise, University  College London 

"The Macro-dynamics of Sorting between Workers and Firms" 

Sept 30/13 

Jan Zapal, CERGE-EI 

"Simple Markovian equilibria in dynamic spatial legislative bargaining" 

Sept 27/13 

Arvind Magesan, University of Calgary 

"Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games when Players' Beliefs are not in Equilibrium" 

Sept 20/13 

Berta Esteve-Volart, York University 

"Politicians' Luck of the Draw:  Evidence from the Spanish Christmas Lottery" 

Mar 22/13 

Andrey Stoyanov, York University 

"Do Preferential Trade Agreements Affect Tariffs of Non-Members?"

Mar 15/13 

Gueorgui Kambourov, University of Toronto 

"Towards a Micro-Founded Theory of Aggregate Labor Supply" 

Mar 8/13 

Yao Tang, Bowdoin College 

"How did the exchange rate affect employment in American cities?" 

Mar 1/13 

Ross McKitrick, University of Guelph 

"Average Household Size and The Eradication of Malaria" 

Feb 15/13 

Shouyong Shi, University of Toronto 

"Liquidity, Assets and Business Cycles"  

Jan 25/13 

Kevin Milligan, University of British Columbia 

"Differences in the care of young girls and boys in Canada and the U.S." Seminar sponsored by the Southwestern Ontario Research Data Centre 

Jan 23/13 

Sean Horan, Université du Québec à Montréal 

"Implementation of majority voting rules"  

Jan 18/13 

Youngki Shin, Western University 

"The lasso for high-dimensional regression with a possible change-point"  

Jan 11/13 

Maxim Ivanov, McMaster University 

"The principal-agent model of mediation", joint with Atilla Ambrus 

Dec 7/12 

Yum K. (Fred) Kwan, City University of Hong Kong 

"FDI technology spillovers and spatial diffusion in China" 

Dec 5/12 

Carlos Serrano, University of Toronto 

"Trading and enforcing patent rights"

Nov 29/12 

Olivier Blanchard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund 

Nov 23/12 

Ronald Wolthoff, University of Toronto 

"Competing with asking prices" 

Nov 16/12 

Qi Li, Texas A&M University 

"Property taxes and home prices: a tale of two cities"  

Nov 9/12 

Richard van Weelden, University of Chicago 

"Re-election through division"

Nov 2/12 

Alex Maynard, University of Guelph 

"Inference in predictive quantile regression"  

Oct 26/12 

Ross Hickey, University of British Columbia Okanagan 

"Immigrant labour market participation and earnings: the effect regulation"

Oct 19/12 

Guoqiang Wang, Highstreet Asset Management 

"Style enhancement of fundamental indexing"

Oct 12/12 

Ruqu Wang, Queen's University 

"Signaling by refund in auctions"

Oct 5/12 

Bradley Ruffle, Ben-Gurion University 

"First-mover advantage in two-sided competitions: an experimental comparison of role-assignment rules"  

Sept 28/12 

John Knight, University of Western Ontario 

"The properties of double-blind Dutch auctions in a clearing house: some new results for the Mendelson model"

Sept 7/12 

Manolis Galenianos, Pennsylvania State University 

"Hiring through referrals"

Jul 27/12 John Burbidge, University of Waterloo "The role of commodity taxation in pareto efficient tax structures for redistribution"
Jun 8/12 Abdullah Almansour, PhD Candidate at University of Waterloo "Contago and backwardation in the crude oil market: regime switching approach"
Apr 13/12 Peter Streufert, University of Western Ontario "Specifying nodes as sets of actions"
Dec 1/11 Martin Dooley, McMaster University "Understanding the Determinants of Persistence and Academic Success in University:  An Exploration of Data from Four Ontario Universities"
Nov 25/11 Phil Oreopoulos, University of Toronto  
Nov 18/11 Yosh Halbertstam, University of Toronto  
Nov 3/11 Cesar Martinelli, ITAM "Ignorance and Naivete in large elections"
Oct 31/11 Anke Kessler, Simon Fraser University "Ideologues: Explaining Partisanship and Persistence in Politics (and Elsewhere)"
Oct 28/11 Abigail Payne, McMaster University "Understanding the Determinants of Persistence and Academic Success in University:  An Exploration of Data from Four Ontario Universities"
Oct 21/11 David Laibson, Harvard University "Self-control and Commitment"
Oct 20/11 Yanqin Fan, Vanderbilt "Identication and Wavelet Estimation of LATE in a Class of Switching Regime Models"
Oct 17/11 Vikram Maheshri, UHouston "School Segregation and the Identification of Tipping Points"
Oct 14/11 Taylor Hui, Bank of Canada  
Oct 11/11 Phil King,  
Oct 7/11 Peter Kuhn, UCalifornia "Lab Labor: what can Labor Economists learn from the lab?"
Sep 30/11 Louis Hotte, UOttawa "On the Dual Nature of Weak Property Rights"
Sep 22/11 Charles Zheng, Western University  
Sep 21/11 Kim Hyunh,   
Sep 9/11 Stephane Mechoulan "Assessing Racial Discrimination in Parole Release"
Apr 29/11 David Jacks, Simon Fraser University "Defying gravity: the 1932 imperial economic conference and the reorientation of Canadian trade"
Apr 8/11 Johanna Goertz, University of Guelph "Information aggregation in large elections with three alternatives"
Nov 19/10 Ben Lester "Trading dynamics in decentralized markets with adverse selection"
Nov 8/10 Martin Gervais "Optimal fiscal policy in the neoclassical growth model revisited"
Nov 5/10 Chris Worswick "Incidence and returns to apprenticeship training in Canada: the role of family background and immigrant status"
Nov 3/10 Michael Vlassopoulos "The long-lived effects of historic climate on the wealth of nations"
Oct 28/10  JF Houde "Collusion with asymmetric retailers:  evidence from a gasoline price-fixing case"
Oct 22/10 John D. Wilson "Optimal fiscal federalism in the presence of tax competition"
Oct 8/10 Michael Noel "The speed of gasoline price response in markets with and without edgeworth cycles"
Oct 4/10 Gabor Virag "Auctions in markets: common outside options and the continuation value effect"
Sep 24/10 Ettore Damiano "Optimal deadlines for agreements"
Sep 13/10 Brian McCall "The consumption value of postsecondary education"
Sep 10/10 David Andolfatto "On the social cost of transparency in monetary economies"
Apr 27/10 Jean-Guillame Forand, University of Toronto "Experimentation with costly project maintenance"
Apr 26/10 Ron Cheung, Florida State University "Voter hold the key: lock-in, leviathanm and local political economy"
Mar 29/10 Barb Bloemhof, sessional lecturer, University of Waterloo "Self Directed Learning in Economics Courses"
Mar 26/10 Leo Teng Wah, St. Francis Xavier University "An empirical examination of matching theories: the one child policy, partner choice and matching intensity in urban China"
Mar 22/10 Shan Chen, PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo "The impact of stochastic convenience yield on long-term forestry investment decisions"
Mar 15/10 Christian Zimmerman, University of Connecticut "Unemployment benefits vs unemployment accounts: a quantitative exploration"
Dec 1/09 Andrew Toole, Rutgers University "Commercializing Science: Is there a university 'brain drain' from academic entrepreneurship"
Nov 20/09 FuChun Li, Bank of Canada "Testing for Financial Contagion with Applications to the Canadian Banking System"
Nov 17/09 Kin Chung Lo, York University "Possibility and Permissibility"
Nov 13/09 David Laidler, University of Western Ontario "Lucas, Keynes and the Crisis"
Nov 6/09 Michael Baker, University of Toronto "Maternity Leave and Children's Cognitive Development"
Oct 27/09 Leslie Shiell, University of Ottawa "The Repugnant Conclusion and Utilitarianism Under Domain Restrictions"
Oct 23/09 Ignatius Horstmann, Rotman School of Management, UofT "Intermediation and the Nature of Trade Costs: Theory and Evidence"
Oct 20/09 Li Gan, Texas A & M University "Residential Mobility, Neighborhood Effects, and Educational Attainment of Blacks and Whites"
Oct 13/09 Fei Song, Ryerson University & Bram Cadsby, UGuelph "The Impact of Risk Aversion and Stress on the Incentive Effect of Performance Pay"
Oct 9/09 Tom Peters, Advanis "Building a Demand Forecasting System for Price Setting and Profit Improvements: An Application to Menu Pricing for Pizza"
Oct 6/09 Neelam Jain, Northern Illinois University "Entry Deterrence and Experimentation under Demand Uncertainty"
Sep 25/09 Mike Hoy, University of Guelph "Impact of Genetic Testing on Surveillance and Prevention"