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MA program

The three E's of Waterloo's MA in economics

Education / Experience / Employment

  • Complete the eight-course regular MA in two academic terms
  • Earn and learn more on a co-op work term
  • Prepare for a career in the public or private sectors, or for doctoral studies

With a focus on applied economics, our MA program provides you with relevant analytical and problem-solving skills through coursework, research and practice.

Our well-established co-op option allows you to supplement your academic education with an eight-month work term and on-the-job learning. The work term serves as a stepping stone to a career for many of our graduates.

The MA degree has the following options:

  • MA course work - eight courses - two terms
  • MA research paper - seven courses + research paper - three terms
  • MA co-op - course work or research paper + eight month placement + one term knowledge integration - five terms

Learn what requirements you'll need to graduate with an MA degree in Economics.

Should I go to grad school?

To help you decide, read this presentation by the Department's Graduate Advisor.

Should I go to Grad School?