Graduate student profiles

Students sitting in Hagey Hub

Waterloo Arts is home to an active graduate community of 900+ motivated, curious, and passionate problem solvers.

In the Faculty of Arts, we seek and create original approaches, ask new questions, and foster dialogue about some of the most daunting challenges facing us today. 

Kate Elliot


Public Issues Anthropology MA graduate Kate Elliott has made her mark at the University through her activism and dedication to supporting vulnerable populations.

"I was excited about the emphasis on public issues in the MA program because I wanted to utilize the important insight that social sciences can have. I’m fortunate with my research that I have been able to help tackle societal issues while supporting some of our most vulnerable populations." 

Matt Coleman

Classical Studies

A graduate of the Classical Studies MA program, Matt Coleman hopes to work as a professor in the future and cites his experiences at Waterloo as vital in strengthening his academic pursuits.

"The genuine support from all levels in my department was incredibly important to me and allowed my research to remain on schedule, to finish strong, and to say in the end that I had presented a genuinely substantial contribution to the field."

Maira Asrar


An MA student in the Economics co-op program, Maira Asrar has found strength in her graduate community and credits her professors and classmates as being instrumental in her transition to graduate school.

"My favourite part of grad school is my fellow graduate students. My graduate experience has been so fun because of the bond I have with my classmates; they have become my family."

Monique Kampherm

English Language and Literature

When Monique Kampherm made the decision to return to school to pursue a PhD after working as a policy analyst, Waterloo was the perfect fit for combining her passions of rhetoric and politics.

"Waterloo’s program offerings complement my previous real-world experience and academic expertise, providing new ways to approach my research."

Charlie Star

Fine Arts

As an artist with a vibrant practice, Charlie Star expresses her Afro-Caribbean heritage through innovative media and reshaping existing materials. Working primarily with audio and visual collages, Charlie's diverse pieces explore the themes of colonial and imperial resistance found within reggae, ska, rocksteady, dub, and dancehall. 

"I want to expand and elevate my practice to open more opportunities in the sector that I love working in, while building my capacity to address racism, violence, systemic bias and other acts of intolerance in my communities, through a creative, arts-based lens."

Dominique Louer

French Studies

Dominique has completed two Master's degrees from the Faculty of Arts – a MASc in Psychology, and an MA in French. While that may seem unconventional, her dual degrees meant she was able to combine her two passions.

"Combining French Studies and Psychology offered me a different perspective on bilingualism and language research. Together, they give me an interdisciplinary scope that will allow me to succeed in my future research."



When she stumbled across an old photo of her own immigration in online archives, History MA graduate Krenare Recaj knew she had to dive into her passion for studying the history of Canada, Kosovo, and the settlement of refugees.

“By exploring both the experiences of Kosovars in Canada and the effect their settlement had on Canada’s history and international relations, my research bridges social, cultural, and political history. Not everyone will find a photo of themselves at the Pier 21 Museum in Halifax, but everyone can bring attention to overlooked aspects of history.”

Kathryn Morrison


During her graduate studies, Philosophy PhD graduate Kathryn Morrison worked both inside and outside the classroom to support ethical challenges in pediatric end-of-life decisions. 

"Children have a legal right to decision-making autonomy corresponding to their level of maturity."

Rachel Beals

Political Science 

Amidst the sea of budding political scientists, Rachel's quest for knowledge during her MA lead her to a transformative placement that reshaped her understanding of the intricate interplay between policy, research, and the complexities of the human experience. 

“Being able to challenge yourself mentally, to exercise those critical thinking and decision-making skills—to work through problems for the betterment of a project. It’s really satisfying.”

Claudia Sehl


Only halfway through her doctoral program, Claudia Sehl has already presented her research at conferences across North America, had her work published in prestigious journals, and won national scholarship competitions.

"Waterloo has strong researchers who publish in top-tier journals, secure large funding, and have impactful findings. And though we have a world-class department, there is still a strong sense of community and support among our faculty and students."

Karmvir Padda

Sociology and Legal Studies

A first-generation student, Karmvir Padda is breaking down barriers in her interdisciplinary PhD studies. Her research on open-source intelligence, online radicalization, and extremism is bringing new insights into the complex issues of the digital age.

“The co-op program is a vital aspect of my career development, providing me with an unparalleled opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained from my program in a real-world setting."