COVID-19 work terms

For students unemployed during the Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 work term, the University is reducing the minimum number of required work terms in a co-op program by one. Arts students in this scenario will require completion of three work terms. Reduced number of work terms is not cumulative. 
The Faculty Arts is reducing the required number of professional development (PD) courses and work term reports each by one. To be eligible to receive a co-op designation at the time of graduation, students in the Faculty of Arts who are unemployed during the Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 work term must successfully complete:

  • A minimum of three professional development (PD) courses: PD1, PD12, and one additional PD course of the student’s choice
  • A minimum of three work reports
  • A minimum of three work terms

If you are unemployed in the Spring and wish to drop a PD course from your schedule, please ensure that you drop the course in Quest by June 1st (last day to drop before receiving a WD grade).

Have questions? Be sure to connect with your academic advisor and take time to review the details Co-operative Education have posted about your Spring 2020 work term and your Fall 2020 work term