When students experience something outside of their control in a term, such as illness or bereavement, they could make a petition for academic relief.

Steps to file a Petition:

A petition consists of a completed form, a letter from yourself, and your supporting documents.

  1. Fill out the Petition for exception to academic regulations form. Use this petition form as the cover sheet.
  2. Read and follow the instructions on the form very carefully.
  3. Write a letter that outlines your situation and the reasons for your request. The letter should be addressed to the Examinations and Standings Committee and be no more than two pages long. See #3 on the form for the information needed.  If you are having problems throughout the term, you need to explain in your letter why you did not withdraw and why you chose to continue in courses when you were having such a hard time.
  4. Gather any supporting documents that will support your case; this should include a timeline of events. Such documentation may consist of:
    1. certification of illness/injury from a medical professional (e.g., Verification of Illness form);
    2. statements from employers regarding work hours/conditions;
    3. documentation for personal difficulties from an appropriate counselling individual/body, (e.g., Counselling Services, AccessAbility Services, a university chaplain or other clergy);
    4. verification of bereavement (e.g., obituary notice);
    5. course documents or police reports;
    6. letter from a residence staff member, with residence Don's input as appropriate;
    7. hospital records with dates.
  5. When your petition form is completed and your letter and supporting documents are attached, submit all the information to the Student Service Centre on the first floor of Needles Hall.