Immigration consulting.

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The University of Waterloo has an experienced and dedicated team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) who are licensed with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). The consultants are happy to assist you during your time at university. All consultations are free and confidential. The consultants discuss with one another, but do not share your information with anyone else on or off campus without your permission.

Contact an immigration consultant

If you are a new or current Waterloo student, or you have recently graduated and it is eight months or less after your last term, we can answer questions about a variety of immigration topics. Learn what we can help with

To be given immigration advice at an appointment or by email, the immigration consultant needs to see your: 

  • Passport
  • Study permit or study permit approval letter
  • Temporary resident visa (Canada visa in passport) or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) approval
  • Work permit (if you have one)

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Top 3 immigration resources

1. Attend an immigration information session

Do you want to learn how to apply for a document? Or, would you like to understand the regulations related to an immigration topic? Register for an upcoming immigration information session

2. Watch our immigration application videos 

Have one of our immigration consultants take you through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) application process and required documents for an online study permit extension, co-op work permit, or post-graduation work permit application within Canada. Check out the full series

3. Set immigration reminders for yourself in Portal

It is extremely important that you always have valid status in Canada and don’t let your documents expire. Use the tool in UWaterloo Portal (web version) to track your passport, study permit, and work permit expiry dates. Reminder emails will be sent out at key intervals to help you stay on track and to provide relevant resources. Follow these steps: 

  1. Log into Portal web
  2. Select your profile icon in the top right corner
  3. Enable "International Status" 
  4. Click "Portal" to navigate back to your home dashboard
  5. Look for the "Immigration Reminders" tile on your dashboard
  6. Add reminders for your immigration documents (e.g. study permit)

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