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The Arts Computing Office (ACO) provides students, faculty, and staff within the Faculty of Arts with computing accounts, computer lab and printing access, technical support, and more!

ACO offices are in the Psychology-Anthropology-Sociology building (PAS).

Need computing help?

Visit the ACO Help Desk in PAS 1077
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm
Call: 519-888-4567 x 33190

Need help after ​hours?

Visit the Davis Centre Library Service Desk
Mon-Fri: 8:30am-8:30pm
Sat-Sun: 12:30pm-8:30pm
519-888-4567 x 31764


Visit the Dana Porter Library Service Desk
Sat-Sun: 12:30pm-8:30pm
519-888-4567 x 38961

General administrative questions?

ACO administrative extension is x 84542

  1. July 17, 2019[Isthd] upgrading to LinkedIn Learning – July 29

    What is happening? is upgrading to LinkedIn Learning.  


    When is this happening? Monday, July 29.  

    • will continue to be available until July 28. 
    • Both and LinkedIn Learning will be unavailable on July 29 as content is migrated.  


  2. July 16, 2019[Isthd] IT campus systems to enable 2FA – July 24

    What is happening? Opt-in, two-factor authentication (2FA) is being enabled for campus enterprise systems. Users who have opted-in to 2FA protection for their Connect OWA or Office 365 account will now receive a 2FA prompt when they log in to Quest, Workday, LEARN, Unit4, or Concur. 


    When is this happening? After 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 24. 


    What do users need to do? No action is required. 

    What is the impact? 

  3. June 5, 2019[Faccus] Two-factor authentication (2FA) implementation across campus

    What is happening? Information Systems & Technology (IST) recently kicked-off a project to facilitate the implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA) across campus. 


    How 2FA works: Logging into 2FA protected sites and applications is as simple as accepting a notification on your phone, plugging in an authenticator, or entering a PIN from a text message or phone call. 2FA at Waterloo is powered by DUO. 


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