Printing, scanning, copying


For faculty and staff

For students

The Arts Faculty has almost completely moved to the wPrint printing system. Printers in public areas use wPrint. 

Where (and how) can I print?

How much does printing cost?

  • Black and white printing across campus:
    • 10¢ per single-sided page, 14¢ per double-sided page
  • Colour printing:

How do I set up or add funds to a printing account?

  • Arts Lecture Hall foyer ("rs-public-al-foyer")
    • WatCard funds are used
    • Visit the wPrint site to view current balance


There is a Microtrek Scanmaker X6 EL available in PAS 1099. Instructions for its use are posted on the wall next to it.


A photocopier is available in PAS 1099. It requires a WatCard loaded with sufficient funds. You can add money to your WatCard online or at any Food Services location, Graphics Copy Centre, the Turnkey Desk, and the WatCard office.