Arts Faculty Computer Rollover Program

2024 Budget impact details

As everyone now knows, the university's overall budget situation means that for the upcoming budget year the funding for all the Faculties, including Arts, will be cut on an ongoing basis by 4%, and there will an additional 2% cut for just one year. As one part of Arts' response to these cuts, Arts will postpone by one year our computer rollover program, across the board. Thus, if your rollover computer was scheduled to be replaced in 2024-25, it will now be eligible for replacement one year later, in 2025-26, and all subsequent rollovers will be similarly delayed by one year. ACO will of course continue to support your existing rollover computers.

For any faculty members who wish to purchase a laptop with their own funds, including FPER, ACO has created a web page (below) where the normal rollover configurations are listed, to allow you to determine whether the machine you are purchasing meets or exceeds the configurations we try to provide. One definite advantage of the rollover configurations is that they offer 4-year accidental damages warranties with immediate replacements sent to you. ACO will of course support any laptops purchased through research grants or FPER funds.

ACO - Hardware Requests

We have archived the 2024 rollover information.