Common areas

Outdoor Patio in PAS
This page is intended to inform Arts students of the spaces available to them in Arts buildings. You may use any of the computer labs for quiet work even if you are not using a computer. We only ask that you find another space if there are others waiting to use a computer.


Facilities and services available in common areas

Below are buildings that belong to the Arts faculty with lists of their common areas and the amenities available within them.

Psychology – Anthropology – Sociology (PAS) 

Students using computers in PAS 1080
PAS 10​80

  • 6 Nexus Windows computers with specialty software and headphones
  • Large desks
  • Small lounge area
  • Ethernet port and two electrical outlets at each desk
  • Close to printing room and Arts Computing Office (ACO) Help Desk

Computer lab in PAS 1098
PAS 1098

  • 18 Nexus (8 Macs and 10 Windows) computers with specialty software and headphones
  • Large desks
  • Ethernet Port and two electrical outlets at each desk
  • Two circle tables available for group work
  • Close to printing room and the ACO Help Desk

Central Staircase in PAS from the bottom floor
Central Stairs

  • Plenty of padded benches on the lower level of the stair case, and few on the upper level
  • Strong WIFI connection

Outdoor Patio in PAS
Outside Deck near PAS 3080

  • Outdoors
  • Several picnic benches with umbrellas
  • Right next to Psych Society (snacks can be purchased from the society)

The lounge in the PAS building
PAS Lounge

  • Plenty of armchairs, and couches to lounge on
  • Limited electrical outlets
  • Tends to be a quiet and relaxing environment

Hagey Hall (HH)

Seating area in HH outside of room 3152
Seating Area near HH 3152

  • Armchairs and couches
  • Great view

Students working in HH 2102
HH 2102

  • For Accounting and Finance students
  • Armchairs
  • Study desks with built in electrical outlets
  • Three group study rooms
  • Quiet study room

Hagey Hub study lounge
Hagey Hub

  • Open study/project lounge on the 1st floor
  • H3 Café on the 1st floor 
  • Chairs and lounge couches
  • Power and wired networking in the 3rd floor Treehouse room

The Various Faculty Reading Rooms

  • Many reading rooms throughout HH
  • All these rooms have plenty of chairs and desks to study at

Arts Lecture Hall (AL)

Lobby in AL
AL Lobby

  • Arts Student Union’s snack bar
  • Couches and chairs
  • 14 computers throughout the lobby with limited software (ideal for checking email and browsing the internet)
  • Limited electrical outlets

Modern Languages (ML) 

Cafeteria in ML
ML’s café

East Campus Hall (ECH)

Mac and lounge chair in ECH 1101
ECH 1101

  • Lounge for Independent Studies (IS) students and IS student Union
  • Chairs
  • Sink and Microwave
  • 2 Mac computers available