Resources for Instructors

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Computing accounts

Instructors are eligible for an email account and a Nexus account (for office and classroom workstations).

Accounts for new instructors can be requested by administrative staff in their department or the computing representative for their department.

Online course content

Computing from home

There are a number of tools University employees can leverage to stay connected with colleagues and students while working remotely.

Instructor computers

Office computers for instructors will be requested by the departmental administrative assistant and set up by ACO staff.

Classroom facilities

Most classrooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment, a podium computer that instructors can use with their Nexus account, and the ability to use the podium computer or a laptop with the projector (and sound system if applicable).

The campus wireless network is available in all indoor areas, including classrooms. Due to the nature of wireless networks, use of high-bandwidth applications or web sites by large classes over the wireless network is inadvisable. If you have a need for highly interactive computer use by a class, please discuss possible solutions with either ACO staff or the CTE Arts liaison well in advance.

Computing labs

Labs available for booking through your department's scheduling representative:

  • East Campus Hall (ECH) 1205 - specific courses priority
  • Psychology-Anthropology-Sociology (PAS) 1237 - general use
  • Modern Languages (ML) 109, and 113 - language courses

Public computing labs available for general use include:

  • Windows

    • PAS 1080, 1098, 1099 (all open 24/7) and 1237

  • Mac OS

    • PAS 1098 (open 24/7)

    • ECH 1205

Computing lab software

Software available in ACO labs:

To request additional lab software for a course, the ACO needs at least 6 weeks advance notice. See requesting additional lab software for courses for more details.

Course evaluations

  • Instructors may request online course evaluations on a term by term basis for Arts courses they are teaching. Requests should be made in the first six weeks of the term. Results of online course evaluations that have been completed and released to instructors from previous terms are accessible through the UW evaluate website.
  • Paper evaluations are returned  7 days (3 in the Fall term) after marks are due.

Student resources

Computing policies