Departmental Support Contacts

Department support

ACO staff are responsible for maintaining and supporting the Faculty's computing infrastructure and providing software expertise in a number of areas. We ask that faculty and staff direct support issues to the support staff assigned to their department as indicated in the following table. Your contact person may involve other ACO staff with particular expertise but will remain your point of contact for the problem.

Support for most problems and enquiries is also available at the Help Desk.


Primary support person    

Backup support person

Accounting Colin Wallace Sean Speers
Anthropology Scott Paterson Herbert Balagtas
Classical Studies Nevil Bromley Sean Speers
Communication Arts Herbert Balagtas Jameson Schildroth
Dean of Arts Sean Speers Nevil Bromley
Dean of Arts, Undergrad Sean Speers Nevil Bromley
Dean of Arts, Graduate Sean Speers Nevil Bromley
Dean of Arts, Special Sean Speers Nevil Bromley
Digital Experience Innovation

Ushe Tafadzwa

Sean Speers, Jameson Schildroth
Economics Herbert Balagtas William Lewis
English Jameson Schildroth William Lewis
Finance Lab Usman Hayat Nevil Bromley
Fine Arts Herbert Balagtas  Jameson Schildroth
French Studies Scott Paterson Sean Speers
Games Institute Jameson Schildroth Lori Paniak, CSCF
Germanic & Slavic Studies Jameson Schildroth Herbert Balagtas
Global Business & Digital Arts Ushe Tafadzwa Sean Speers, Jameson Schildroth
Global Governance Nevil Bromley Sean Speers
History Jameson Schildroth Herbert Balagtas
Master of Public Service Nevil Bromley  
Philosophy Jameson Schildroth William Lewis
Political Science Herbert Balagtas Scott Paterson
Psychology Bill EickmeierMichael Wagoner Nevil Bromley
Religious Studies Herbert Balagtas William Lewis
Renison College Greg Parks Alexis Westerhof 
Sociology & Legal Studies Scott Paterson Jameson Schildroth
Spanish & Latin American Studies Nevil Bromley  Herbert Balagtas
St. Paul's College Scott Paterson Nevil Bromley
Student Union, Arts Scott Paterson Herbert Balagtas

Bill Baer is the 3rd Backup Support for all departments.

Live chat

Computing questions? Connect with the Arts Computing Office Help Desk on our live chat! Available Monday to Friday, 9:30AM - 4:30PM, with some exceptions.