Computers in an Arts computing labComputing information for students (undergraduate and graduate)

Email accounts

New students (Fall 2019-): 

Before you can access your Office 365 account using your and WatIAM password, the following has to be completed:

  1. Incoming students will need to complete the Claim Your Identity web page by entering your surname, first name, and student ID number in the corresponding fields.
  2. Your Office 365 account will be activated once your enrolment is verified and complete. This will take place prior to the start of your first term.
  3.  Once your Office 365 account is created, you will need to change your password by logging into WatIAM, before you can access your Office 365 email.

Undergraduate students

All undergraduate students can access their email through Office 365

See Student Email Migration for assistance.

Graduate students

All graduate students use Exchange (Connect) email services.

Additional email information

For more information regarding email accounts, see:

Nexus accounts

A Waterloo Nexus account is the network computing account that is used to login to the Nexus computer stations on campus. All members of the Faculty of Arts are entitled to a Nexus account.

As of 2012, all Nexus accounts are automatically activated. If you are having trouble accessing services related to your Nexus account, please contact the Arts Computing Office (ACO) Help Desk.

For more information regarding Nexus accounts, see:


The Arts Faculty provides printing, scanning, and copying services to its staff and students. 

For information regarding printing services and facilities, see:

uWaterloo campus directory

The WatIAM White Pages is uWaterloo's campus directory. It allows you to look up the uWaterloo email address of students, faculty, and staff on campus.

Computer labs and common areas

The following links contain information about computer labs and common areas available to Arts students:

Graduate students

Graduate students have access to Grad labs. For more information regarding your access to the labs, as well as their locations, contact the administrative staff in your department. 

Additional help

Please contact the ACO Help Desk if you have more questions, or the IST After Hours Service Desk if the ACO Help Desk is closed.

Live chat

Computing questions? Connect with the Arts Computing Office Help Desk on our live chat! Available Monday to Friday, 9:30AM - 4:30PM, with some exceptions.