Arts undergraduate and graduate programs

      Arts undergraduate and graduate programs
      Area of study Bachelor's* Master's PhD
      Accounting X X X
      Anthropology X X  
      Classical Studies X X  
      Digital Experience Innovation   X  
      Economics X X X
      English X X X
      Fine Arts X X  
      French X X X
      Gender and Social Justice*** X    
      German X X X
      Global Business & Digital Arts X    
      Global Governance   X X
      History X X X
      Legal Studies X    
      Liberal Studies X    
      Medieval Studies X    
      Music X    
      Peace and Conflict  X X  
      Philosophy X X X
      Political Science X X  X
      Psychology X X X
      Public Service   X  
      Religious Studies X   X
      Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies X    
      Social Development Studies** X    
      Sociology X X X
      Spanish X    
      Speech Communication X    
      Theatre and Performance X    

      *Bachelor of Arts: Apply through Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business

      **Social Development Studies: Apply directly to SDS or through Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business

      ***Formerly Women's Studies