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At the Stratford School we believe that an experiential education style accelerates knowledge and fuels innovation. We bring together a dynamic community of students, researchers, industry, and entrepreneurs to advance digital media technology and creative application.

  1. Sep. 18, 2022Gamification strategies should be more inclusive
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    The use of game elements in non-game contexts is known as gamification. Adaptive gamification exists to answer the need to customize engagement strategies.

  2. Sep. 5, 2022Doing what’s right with privacy-conscious design
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    As we increasingly seek connection in a virtual world, privacy and security breaches remain a constant threat. It isn't just a challenge for legal teams and security experts – privacy should be a priority right from the start, says Dr. Leah Zhang-Kennedy.

  3. Sep. 5, 202210 years of preparing students for new roles, new industries, and new horizons
    Students winning the World Vision Social Innovation Challenge Award

    “Wow, people get paid to do this??”

    That was Amirah Mahomed’s thought when she learned about the field of User Experience (UX) Design as a first-year student in Global Business and Digital Arts (GBDA) at the Stratford School. “I had no idea that UX design was a field,” she says. “I had pictured my career as a businessperson who knew how to code, or something like that.”

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  1. Sep. 30, 2022National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
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    Friday September 30th is The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, often known as “Orange Shirt Day”. At 12:00 PM, please join the Stratford School in room 1004 to watch a video on the history of the day.

  2. Oct. 5, 2022Lunch and Learn: Ask the Academic Advising Team Anything
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