GBDA 101 Tutorials

Noah Pratt

Thank you for checking out these tutorials! Feel free to relate back to these if you need a refresher on some core concepts of the Adobe Programs. Each tutorial focuses on one tool, and includes a recording of the class.

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Tutorial 1 - Adobe Illustrator

In the first tutorial of the term, we introduce the course, the Adobe Creative Cloud programs, and jump into Adobe Illustrator.

Some of the key takeaways from this tutorial are getting familiar with the Adobe Illustrator interface as well as creating simple vector illustrations using shapes and colours.

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Tutorial 2 - Adobe Illustrator

In tutorial 2, we continue with Adobe Illustrator. This time we look at some more tools and explore typography, font files, and how to use the type tools to create a Monogram.

We also cover finalizing, exporting, and packaging your Illustrator file.

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Tutorial 3 - Mockups & DSLR Photography

In tutorial 3 we wrap up Assignment 1 starting in Adobe Illustrator by covering how to make a mockup out of your design.

After that, we transition to DSLR photography, and how to shoot photos in manual mode.

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Tutorial 4 - Photoshop

In Tutorial 4, we start on Adobe Photoshop! Photoshop is a fun and creative program for editing pixel based graphics.

We start with getting familiar with the Photoshop interface, as well as an introduction to layer masks and blending modes to create a double exposure effect.

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Tutorial 5 - Photoshop

In this tutorial, we continue with Photoshop and work with brand guidelines to create a University of Waterloo poster.

Additionally, we cover how to export images and package working files for assignment submission.

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Tutorial 6 - Packaging & Colour Deep Dive

In Tutorial 6, we cover a lot of technical details! Firstly, we cover embedded vs linked assets and how to package your working file to send to another designer. After that, we move into a technical deep dive on colour, important colour-related settings, and a few good resources. (RGB vs CMYK, Colour Profiles, Colour Spaces).

You're welcome to browse the working file, but it's not needed for this tutorial.

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For tutorial 7, we cover the "Maker" movement, MakerSpaces, and how to craft safely. In Assignment 3, students modify existing objects, and this tutorial covers how to create things safely.

This tutorial is not digitally focused, and no working files are needed.

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Tutorial 8 - Video Editing

In this tutorial, we cover an introduction to Video Editing using Adobe Premiere Rush. Premiere Rush is a more beginner-friendly alternative to Premiere Pro and serves as a great introduction on how to cut video together.

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Tutorial 9 - InDesign

In Tutorial 9 we move to our final design program of the term, InDesign. Grouped in with Illustrator and Photoshop as the big three of graphic design programs, InDesign is where you can combine lots of existing assets to create print layouts for long-form content like magazines, brochures, and more.

In this tutorial, we cover InDesign interface, and introduction to the program, and start the first half of the example project.

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Tutorial 10 - InDesign

In this tutorial, we continue on InDesign. Key topics include applying paragraph and character styles, working with frames and boxes, and how to export your project for an assortment of printing and publishing requirements.

Learning how to properly export and prepare your project to be sent to a print shop is an excellent skill and requires an understanding of the technical export settings.

Working files continue from the previous tutorial.

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Tutorial 11 - All About Adobe

In the final tutorial of GBDA 101, we start by showcasing any key export settings for InDesign. Next, we cover other features and areas of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite to explore, and many other tips, tricks, and resources for designers.

This tutorial is a presentation, and does not have any working files.