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Jonathan Baltrusaitis

Instructor (he/him)
Jonathan Baltrusaitis
Contact for: GBDA 201/202 - Digital Media Project
Link to profile: Jonathan Baltrusaitis

Mark Byerley

Information Technology Support Specialist (he/him)

Dr. Kim de Laat

Assistant Professor | Organization and Human Behaviour (she/her)

Dr. Lan Do

Definite-term Lecturer (she/her)

Tabatha Dominguez

Definite-term Lecturer (she/her)
Location: DMS 2128
Link to profile: Tabatha Dominguez

Dr. Daniel Harley

Assistant Professor (he/him)
Daniel Harley Headshot
Location: DMS 2124
Contact for: GBDA 101, GBDA 203, DEI 613 and DEI 616
Link to profile: Daniel Harley

Brubey Hu

Location: DMS 2018
Contact for: GBDA 101 Intro Digital Media Design

Linda Kelly

Student Services Support Coordinator (she/her)
Linda Kelly
519-888-4567 x23016
Location: DMS 1007
Contact for: Global Business and Digital Arts Advising appointments

Miguel King

Definite Term Lecturer | School of Accounting and Finance
519-888-4567 x41324
Location: HH 383J

Dr. Cayley MacArthur

Assistant Professor, on leave (she/they)
Cayley MacArthur headshot
Location: DMS 3012
Link to profile: Cayley MacArthur

Sheri Maguire

Administrative and Financial Coordinator (she/her)
Sheri Maguire
519-888-4567 ext. 23027
Location: DMS - Reception
Contact for: Front desk reception; Administrative support
Link to profile: Sheri Maguire

Dr. Ville Mäkelä

Assistant Professor (he/him)
Ville Mäkelä headshot
Location: DMS 2008
Link to profile: Ville Mäkelä

Dr. Noorin Manji

Definite-term Lecturer (she/her)
Noorin Manji
Link to personal webpage: Dr. Noorin Manji

Greg McIntyre

Digital Media Manager/Instructor (he/him)
Greg McIntyre headshot
519-888-4567 x23030
Location: DMS 1016
Contact for: GBDA and MDEI Lab Instruction, Social Marketing, Website
Link to profile: Greg McIntyre

Christine McWebb

Professor (currently Associate Vice President, Faculty Planning and Policy)
Christine McWebb Headshot
Location: NH
Link to profile: Christine McWebb

Chris Moorehead

Contact for: GBDA 402

Dr. Lennart Nacke

Associate Director, Graduate Studies and Professor (he/him)
Lennart Nacke, PhD
Location: EC1 1309 (Games Institute) / DMS 3012
Contact for: Grad Studies, Stratford School
Link to profile: Lennart Nacke, PhD
Link to personal webpage: Dr. Lennart Nacke

Terry O'Neill

Instructor (he/him)
519-888-4567, ext. 23011
Location: DMS 2018
Contact for: GBDA 101 - Introduction to Digital Media Design, GBDA 413 - Special Topics in Design, FINE 204 - Special Topics

Kishori Opatha

Student Engagement and Events Specialist (she/her)
Kishori Opatha
519-888-4567 x23026
Location: DMS 1007
Contact for: Events, Student Activities and Initiatives

Zhe Peng

Contact for: GBDA 303 Data and Society

Noah Pratt

Digital Media Instructor/Media Technician (he/him)
Noah Pratt
519-888-4567, ext. 23513
Location: DMS 1014
Contact for: MicroTile Wall, GBDA/Adobe Tutorials, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, etc.

Summer Rashed

Academic Advisor (Academic Administrative Supervisor) (she/her)
Summer Rashed Headshot
519-888-4567 x23016
Location: DMS 1007C
Link to profile: Summer Rashed

Daniel Recchia

Media Technician (he/him)
Daniel Recchia
519-888-4567 x23014
Location: DMS 1016
Contact for: Media Services and Equipment Loans

Nicole Sguigna

Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator
Nicole Sguigna
519-888-4567 x23004
Location: DMS 1007B
Contact for: Admissions related questions and information

Dr. Sebastian Siebel-Achenbach

Associate Director Undergraduate Studies, Definite-term Lecturer (he/him)
Sebastian Siebal-Achenbach
519-888-4567, ext. 36135
Location: DMS 3128

Jessica Thompson

Director and Associate Professor (she/her)
Jessica Thompson
519-888-4567 x23008
Location: DMS 3122
Link to profile: Jessica Thompson

Sheila Vanmeurs

Administrative Officer (she/her)
Sheila Vanmeurs
519-888-4567 x23039
Location: DMS 1019

Dr. Jennifer Whitson

Associate Professor, Stratford/Sociology and Legal Studies (she/her)
Jennifer R. Whitson
Location: DMS 2014
Contact for: GBDA 302; GBDA 402
Link to profile: Jennifer R. Whitson
Link to personal webpage: Dr. Jennifer Whitson

Vivian Yang

519-888-4567 x23028
Location: DMS 3008
Contact for: GBDA 205; GBDA 305; GBDA 401
Link to profile: Vivian Yang

Dr. Leah Zhang-Kennedy

Assistant Professor (she/her)
Leah Zhang-Kennedy, PhD
Location: DMS 3126
Link to profile: Leah Zhang-Kennedy
Link to personal webpage: Dr. Leah Zhang-Kennedy

Dr. Will Zhao

Assistant Professor | Organization and Human Behaviour (he/him)
Location: DMS 3124
Link to profile: Will Zhao

Linda Carson (2013-2021)

Continuing Lecturer (she/her)
Linda Carson
Link to profile: Linda Carson

Dr. Kevin Harrigan (retired)

Lecturer | Head of Gambling Research Team