3D Printing at Stratford

Media Services is the home for rapid prototyping equipment at the Stratford School, with two Desktop 3D printers for inexpensive draft prototypes.

Complete this form by logging in at the top to begin the 3D printing process, then upload your .stl file to be printed.

Fees are charged to cover the cost of consumables. Printer charges are based on volume of the printed model, and as such modelling strategies can impact cost and print time.

Cost for Makerbot and Ultimaker Desktop Printers is a minimum $5.00 setup fee (includes up to 50 grams of filament), additional filament used will be charged at $.10/gram. All fees are subject to HST.

Any questions regarding 3D Printing should be sent to MediaServices@uwaterloo.ca.

Acceptable formats for printing are .stl
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: zip, stl.
We have plenty of colours; let us know your ideal choice, and we'll provide some options if we don't have it.
Please include measurements (in, cm, mm, etc.)
Is there anything that you think would be helpful for us to know?
Get your print faster by waiving the quote.
I understand that printing is provided on an as-is basis. Media Services at the Stratford School will not modify your file prior to printing. Since 3D printing and prototyping is an inexact science, you are assuming all risks for how the .stl file is interpreted and printed by the printer. Media Services cannot guarantee model quality or stability, confidentiality of designs, or specific delivery times. Refunds and reprints will only be available in the event of machine malfunction. There must be no printing of weapons, or other obscene materials/objects. We reserve the right to refuse to print any model for any reason. Models of offensive items, smoking accessories, drug paraphernalia, weapons or weapon parts of any size are not permitted. Staff reserve the right to print any item at their discretion. Failure to pick up and pay for an item will relieve you of future printing projects until all projects are reconciled. Media Services and the Stratford School is not responsible for ensuring the integrity of the STL file, and its suitability for print. Students are responsible for any costs incurred as a result of a failed print. If a print fails entirely due to hardware failure, Media Services and the Stratford School will not bill student. I understand the price of each job will be the greater of $5.00 or $0.13/gram of filament (for Makerbot and Ultimaker printers). HST is included in the price. I understand 3D printing can take up to 3 business days from file submission to begin the print. I understand prints will be held for 10 business days, after which prints will be discarded and the full price charged to my WATCARD.