Transportation to/from Kitchener-Waterloo

Stratford School Bus Pass - Spring Term Pilot ($200+ hst, sold out)

In Partnership with WUSA, the Stratford School is continuing a Pilot Bus program, with limited seating capacity on a trial basis for the Sring 2024 term.

Term passes are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, allowing you to use the bus as often as you need throughout the term.

Daily Trips (TuesdayFriday)


Day of Week

Waterloo to Stratford

Stratford to Waterloo


8:00 am (2 buses)

12:00 pm (1 bus - starts June 4, 2024)

4:15 pm (1 bus)


8:00 am (2 buses)

4:15 pm (2 buses)


8:00 am (2 buses)

12:00 pm (1 bus - starts May 30, 2024)

4:15 pm (1 bus)


8:00 am (2 buses)

12:00 pm (1 bus - starts May 31, 2024)

4:15 pm (1 bus)

Bus service starts on the first day of classes at the UW Stratford School on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, and runs until the last day of classes, July 30, 2024. Buses will not run during holidays and/or university closures

  • The loss of a Tuesday class on May 21 will be made up on Tuesday, July 30, 2024 (Make up day for May 21) – on the last day of classes.

FAQ's and more details

Perth County Connect Bus Service - $10/trip (Route 2)

Daily bus service leaves Conestoga Mall, Via rail station in Kitchener and Charles Street Transit Terminal in Kitchener to/from Stratford Transit Hub right behind the Stratford School several times per day. See the current full schedule.

CommunAuto - Car rentals by the trip

CommunAuto allows you to rent a car in Kitchener/Waterloo for as little as $34/day (membership required), and use it for the day. Fill it with friends to bring the cost down. There are cars throughout Waterloo Region. Valid driver's licence required. If you're under 19, you need to be part of a family membership.

Arrange a carpool with other students

If you have space in your car or need a ride, share with your classmates on: