Experience is everything.

Step into your dream career faster with co-op. Over the course of four co-op terms, you’ll connect your classroom learning with full-time paid work. Apply your theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills to the professional world and graduate with a resume and industry connections you need to launch your future.

    Unlimited Potential

    As a GBDA grad, you’ll gain highly relevant experience with the latest technologies and business practices – and have count countless career opportunities at your fingertips. Career paths include:

    • User experience (UX) design and research
    • Interaction design
    • Digital marketing
    • Project management
    • Product development
    • Business technology analysis
    • Entrepreneurship

    Work for companies like:

    • Rogers
    • LCBO
    • Scotiabank
    • Thomson Reuters
    • IBM
    • Startups

    "For me, living a life that matches my core values and doing what I love is important."

    Seul Lee, GBDA Class of 2018

    Seul Lee, GBDA graduate smiling in officeIf you're like Seul Lee, you carve your own path. After graduation, she chose to work as an independent UX designer. The flexibility has allowed her to work in diverse industries and focus on Design.local, a not-for-profit social innovation platform for designers that she co-founded.

    Co-op and Study Sequence

    1 Fall Study - main campus
      Winter Study - main campus
      Spring Off
    2 Fall Study - Stratford School
      Winter Study Stratford School
      Spring Study Stratford School
    3 Fall Work
      Winter Study - Abroad (option 1)*
      Spring Work
    4 Fall Study - Abroad (option 2)*
      Winter Work
      Spring Work
    5 Fall Study - Stratford School

    *Optional study abroad in one of the two terms
    identified above.
    Fall term: September to December
    Winter term: January to April
    Spring term: May to August

    This information is reflective of the 2022 academic year, and subject to change.