GBDA Food Support

Reusable Bag with canned food


The GBDA Food Support program is a confidential service that provides anonymous support to Stratford undergraduate students who need food assistance.

How does GBDA Food Support Program Work?

It is an anonymous locker system.  

Requested items (hampers) will be placed in a designated locker on the Stratford Campus for the student to access at a predetermined date/time.  

How do I access the GBDA Food Support Program?  

You can request food support by completing the GBDA Food Support Request Form. The form will prompt you to pick a date/time for picking up your requested hamper. Once you submit the form, you will receive a locker number and lock code where you can pick up your hamper.  

On the date/time you have selected for pick up, please visit the locker assigned to you to receive your items.


The GBDA Food Support Program is stocked mainly through donations.  

You can drop off donations to Student Services on the Stratford Campus – Room 1007.  

Items we need:  

  1. Meal-Like Items (Ramen, tuna, soup, pasta and pasta sauce, quick cook rice)  

  1. Snack Items (granola bars, apple sauce, canned fruit, fruit snacks)  

  1. Gluten Free and Vegan Items  

We do not have a fridge or freezer, please ensure items are shelf-stable and non-perishable.  

Additional Supports 

If you feel you need additional food assistance, please contact the Food Support Service on Main Campus