Equipment Loan Agreement

This form is for Stratford School students (GBDA & MDEI). If you are coming from another department, please fill out the Interdepartmental Loan Agreement instead.


The Stratford School Media Services office maintains a variety of equipment that is available to loan to students, faculty, and staff.


The loanable equipment is available in order of priority:

1. In-class workshop assignments 
2. Course projects
3. Research

The equipment is not to be treated as personal property or used for non-University related purposes. Equipment is not to be used to generate income or for business purposes.

All equipment must be signed out from the Media Services Office (DMS 1013). A valid Watcard is required in order to borrow equipment and must be presented at time of checkout. At checkout and check-in, the condition of the equipment and the presence of all peripherals (cables, battery and/or charger, card reader, etc.) included with the borrowed item will be noted by Media Services.

If returned equipment is damaged, to any extent, the borrower assumes full financial liability to either repair or replace the equipment to its original condition (at the Media Services personnel’s discretion). If a device is returned, but locked to an iCloud account (or any other account prohibiting the reset/full use of the device), it is considered late until it has been disconnected and Media Services is notified.

In the event that the equipment is lost, stolen or irretrievable, the borrower assumes full financial responsibility to cover the insurance deductible or replacement of the equipment. In addition, a service indicator could be placed on the student’s Quest account, limiting access to student records, and equipment loan privileges may be suspended until outstanding issues are resolved with the Media Services Office.

Although Media Services check equipment when it is returned, there is no absolute guarantee that equipment is in perfect working order when you receive it. You are expected to thoroughly check all equipment upon issuance because you are agreeing to take responsibility for any damage to equipment while in your possession. If you find any problems during this check, you must inform Media Services within thirty (30) minutes of signing out the equipment. It is in your best interest to check equipment immediately upon issuance. You will not be held responsible for equipment problems reported within thirty minutes (30) of being signed out, unless equipment is in noticeably different condition than when signed out, (for example, if the equipment is dropped).

Under no circumstances should equipment in the borrower’s possession be loaned to any other person. All equipment transfers must be handled through the Media Services Office, even when passing equipment on to the next user.

Media Services personnel reserve the right to limit or deny the use of equipment based on a person’s borrowing history.

The equipment is available for reservation on a first-come-first-served basis, and in accordance with the sequence of priority, as listed above. Project Rooms may be reserved on  WebCheckout. During times of high demand, Media Services may enforce shorter loan periods, and has the right to recall equipment that has been checked out. The hours for picking up equipment from the Media Services office is as follows: 

Monday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Reservations & Time Limits 

MDEI students, first, second, third, and fourth-year GBDA students may reserve equipment from Media Services through WebCheckout’s Patron Portal. Reservations must be made at a minimum of 24hr’s prior to pick-up. 

The equipment must then be returned to the Stratford School Campus, at your designated return time, on the day which it is due.  It is your responsibility to ensure the equipment gets back to the Stratford School campus to be checked in. See late policies below. 

If you require your equipment longer than your originally allocated time, please email a minimum of 24 hours prior to your designated return time. Failure to do so will result in no renewal. Renewals are not guaranteed.

All equipment must be returned to the Media Services Office at the Stratford School by the last class day of the term, as indicated by the Academic Calendar. 

Late Return Fees & Penalties:

Resource Late Fee (per day late)

MacBook Pro
iPad Pro


Audio Kits
Lighting Kits
Lapel Mics


Everything Else


Unpaid fees will result in loss of equipment loan privileges, and an Academic Hold will be placed on your student account after a period of 1 week. This Hold will remain on your account until your fees are paid in-person at the Stratford Media Services Office (DMS 1013).

Media Services staff have the right to consider individual situations and circumstances on a case by case basis.


When checking out equipment for group projects, the group must designate a person responsible for checkout. It is the responsibility of that individual to oversee the use of the equipment and to ensure that it is returned to Media Services in good working condition by the required due date. If the equipment is returned late, the Penalty will be applied to the student's account from which the late equipment was signed out. If more than one person in the group would like to check out equipment, they are welcome to do so, provided there is available equipment.

Late Returns Policy

If the equipment is late, the following protocol will be followed:

  1. A reminder e-mail will be sent 1 hour after the scheduled return time notifying the borrower that their equipment is overdue.
  2. If equipment is not returned, a reminder email will be sent each day until the equipment is returned and the applicable fees are paid.
  3. If the equipment is not returned within 1 week, a hold on the borrower’s Quest account will be submitted and remain until equipment is returned, fees are paid and/or replacement value is given to Media Services personnel.

Late fees will be paid with the student's Watcard at the Media Services Office (DMS 1013). In extenuating circumstances, arrangements may be made with Media Services to pay with their Watcard remotely.

Unattended Equipment

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Media Loans staff at

Any violations of this policy in whole or in part may result in the student member losing their loan privileges.

You may opt out of this agreement at any time, however, you will lose your ability to use equipment from Media Services.

Note: You must log in with your WatIAm credentials in order to complete the form.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Media Loans staff at

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Equipment Loan Agreement detailing the terms of service for Media Services. I agree to the terms of service and will abide fully with its contents.
I agree to return items to Media Services by the time specified. Failure to return equipment on time will result in fines and/or suspension of borrowing privileges.
I acknowledge that I am responsible for loss, damages, and late fines to any equipment that is signed out to me.