Tabatha Dominguez

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Profile of Tavatha Dominguez
Tabatha Dominguez is a Lecturer for the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business at the University of Waterloo. She is one of the founding faculty members and is currently the Head of Business. Tabatha is easily identified as a very enthusiastic teacher, who feels strongly that understanding business is a lot like solving puzzles and who doesn’t love a good challenge. Basically she tells stories about companies and how to understand them.  If she has a good cup a coffee to go with it, then it’s already a great day!

Tabatha joins the University of Waterloo from Wilfrid Laurier where she taught at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics for 12 years.  Prior to her shift to academia, Tabatha worked in advertising at Arnold Worldwide working with clients that include the Canadian Tourism Commission, Sprint Canada, and Canada Investment and Savings.  She also worked for Golden Triangle Online as the General Manager back when no one had even heard of “that Internet thing”.

Tabatha has a Hon.BA in Psychology, and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Class of ‘99. Tabatha joined the School in January 2015.

Courses taught

  • GBDA 102: Introduction to Global Business
  • GBDA 306: Comparative Ethics in a Globalized World
  • GBDA 305: Global Development and Business
  • GBDA 402: Cross Cultural Digital Business 2
  • ARBUS 300: Practical Business
  • DEI 623: Project Management

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