Intensive Workshops

In addition to two terms of online coursework, MDEI is comprised of two online intensives. Each intensive is 10 days in duration, with the first intensive occurring prior to classes starting in the fall, and the second occurring after classes end for the winter term.

Program Intensive 1

Program Intensive 1 takes place over 10 days in August (at the beginning of the program) and is designed to introduce students to the program and to develop fundamental team-building skills that will enable students to work effectively in virtual environments throughout the program. Students will complete the equivalent of the first four classes of DEI 612 Working in Teams, which covers the elements of designing, managing and working in teams.

Program Intensive 1 will include the following learning outcomes:  

  • Communication

  • Basic team processes, cooperation and competition, leadership

  • Decision-making

  • Problem-solving and creativity

  • Introduction of first assignment, working sessions, and project presentations

We will also cover the following topics, which will introduce students to the program in general:

  • Program introduction/overall learning objectives
  • Applied Innovation Workshop

  • Marketing Mini Workshop

  • UX Mini Workshop

  • Design Mini Workshop

  • Special Topics/Guest Speaker Presentations

Program Intensive 2

Program Intensive 2 takes place over 10 days in April (at the end of the program). Students will be presented with a complex challenge from our industry partners, for which they will develop a business solution based on relevant issues in the digital economy. Learning objectives and outcomes are specific to each partner and challenge, and students will be supervised by a University of Waterloo faculty member and 1-2 representative from each partner. Projects will normally be undertaken in teams of 4-6 students, working virtually, on a schedule determined by the project scope.