Courses & Program Structure

Our courses cover topics ranging from design, imaging and user experience to business and code/computing. Each course is taught by faculty who have extensive experience within their discipline.

To enhance knowledge application and real-world experience, the GBDA program requires students to complete their co-op work terms and encourages students to Go on Exchange for one term.

Course Offerings

The following courses are required in order to graduate with a Global Business and Digital Arts degree. This information is also contained within the academic calendar.

First Year Courses

Fall Term (1A)

  • ARTS 130 or ARTS 140
  • CS 105 Introduction to Computer Programming 1
  • A Second Language Course
  • Elective
  • Elective

Winter (1B)

Second, Third and Fourth Year Courses

*2nd year classes will include 1 elective in the fall term and 1 elective in the winter term.

Co-op and Study Sequence

1 Fall Study - main campus
  Winter Study - main campus
  Spring Off
2 Fall Study - Stratford School
  Winter Study Stratford School
  Spring Study Stratford School
3 Fall Work
  Winter Study Stratford School
  Spring Work
4 Fall Study - Abroad (optional)
  Winter Work
  Spring Work
5 Fall Study - Stratford School

Fall term: September to December
Winter term: January to April
Spring term: May to August

Undergraduate Calendar (for course descriptions and pre-requisites)

Schedule of Classes (for enrolment caps, class times and locations)

See course syllabi.