Understanding humanity in context

From prehistoric humanity all the way to contemporary cultural diversity, anthropologists engage with a wide range of issues and phenomena that affect individual and public life.

Waterloo's Anthropology research and teaching expertise covers three major sub-fields of the discipline: sociocultural anthropology, archaeological anthropology, and biological (physical) anthropology.

Spring 2020 Online Courses

Course Code Course Title Instructor
ANTH 100 Introduction to Anthropology (block course) Seçil Daǧtaș
ANTH 202 Social & Cultural Anthropology Mark Dolson
ANTH 221 (.pdf) Language and Society Adrienne Lo
ANTH 241 (.pdf) Food as Culture Adrienne Lo
ANTH 372 Archaeological Field School (Cancelled)  Christopher Watts

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SPRING 2020 TERM: All times/days and locations have been removed, as all classes will be offered online.

  1. June 1, 2020Tamara Graham is awarded the OGS!

    Congratulations to Tamara on receiving the OGS Award 

  2. Apr. 23, 2020Public Issues Anthropology MA alumna, Kate Elliott, wins $5000 award!
    Kate Elliott profile picture

    Kate is researching the challenges that women experiencing homelessness face when trying to manage their health.

  3. Jan. 10, 2020Anthropology research finds deforestation is changing animal communication
    Black Howler Monkey in tree

    Deforestation is changing the way monkeys communicate in their natural habitat, according to a new study led by Laura Bolt, an adjunct professor in the Department of Anthropology. The research offers the first evidence in animal communication scholarship of differences in vocal behaviours in response to different types of forest edge areas, particularly areas changed by human activity.

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