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Research areas

Here are the titles of Public Issues Anthropology theses and major research papers, the student-authors, and their supervisors. You can also read about our current MA students and their research interests.


Stuart Anderson

Yuet Chan

Jacqueline Meijer

​Amelia Pilon

Dana Thacher


Stefan Jovanovic

Stuart Karrow

Amy King

Matthew Seguin

Amanda Suko

Erin Van Der Meulen


Alisha Adams

Ava Giachino

Samantha Lawrence-Nametka

​Danielle Nadeau

Jennifer Rickert


Marya D'Alessio

Ashley Piskor

Jarred Rundle

Brian Schram


David Gadzala

Kaleigh Eichel

Elizabeth Penney

Mithila Ruthralingam

Thomas Siek


 Stephanie Scott

Kira Turner


Emily Graff


William Gizas

  • The Role of Anthropology: the need for a public contribution of current archaeological theory in the issues surrounding the human-environment relationship [Supervisor:  Robert Park]

Rowland Robinson

  • Between the Academy and the Grassroots: Discourses on Decolonization and Indigenous Revolution in Modern North America [Supervisor: Jasmin Habib]

Trieneke Gastmeier

  • Raising the Hemline: Towards a Feminist Anthropology of Beauty Practices [Supervisor: Jasmin Habib]

Annette Klein

  • Migration, Religion, Identity, and Integration of Greek-Canadians [Supervisor: Harriet Lyons]

Julie Sumerta

Katreena Baker

Adam Vuylsteke

  • Renewing Public Anthropology: Exploring the Current State of Anthropology in a Digital World [Supervisor: Gray Graffam]

Rachel Cripps

  • What Happened on 9/11?  Anthropological Insights about the Rise of Alternative Theories [Supervisor: Jasmin Habib]


Pauline Goetz

Kimberley Ann Campbell

  • Boundaries, Identity, and Conflict: Experiencing Mobility, Autonomy and the Creation of a Sense of Self [Supervisor: Thomas Abler]

Juliet O'Farrell

Tasin Zaman

Ligia Grandys

  • Pink Ribbon Culture: Anthropological Reflections [Supervisor: Harriet Lyons]


Katie Blaszkiewicz

  • Child Nutrition in Malawi: An Anthropological Approach to Sociocultural Construction of Normative Feminity [Supervisor: Harriet Lyons]

Kevin Nixon

Consuelo Griggio

Scott Moore

Matthew Theoret

Jill Johnson


Kayleigh Platz