Our eight core faculty members pursue scholarship in a wide spectrum of anthropological subdisciplines, extending their fieldwork into the global context and across the centuries. Research interests and projects take our faculty members to:

  • Canada's Arctic for archaeological research on the historic interactions between Inuit groups and western explorers such as the Franklin expedition.
  • Ancient Greece for excavation and analysis of human remains and their mortuary contexts to understand the interactions of culture, status, burial practice, and pathologies in Greek antiquity. 

  • Chile, Spain, and Germany for ethnographic fieldwork on knowledge creation and its transformation via both cultural and scientific practice.
  • Malawi to investigate how a better understanding of indigenous cognition and ethnography may positively influence public HIV/AIDS policy and education.
  • Taiwan and the USA for research in cross-cultural bioethics, including ethnographic studies of drug use, sex work, homelessness, and stem cell research.

Also, read about our graduate student research.

Arctic research site of professor Bob Park