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Program of study

The MA program is comprised of coursework, plus research leading to the writing and defence of a thesis. Students are required to complete a total of four courses. Three of them are compulsory in order to ensure that all students acquire a solid grounding in anthropological research:

  • ANTH 600 - Public Issues Anthropology
  • ANTH 608 - Anthropological Theory
  • ANTH 614 - Research Methods

The fourth course is an elective, either a regular course or a reading course. Your Advisor will assist you with your choice of elective.


As of 2014/15, Public Issues Anthropology Masters theses will consist of just two chapters, plus an appendix if necessary:

Chapter 1 (up to 2500 words)

  • This introductory chapter shall (1) outline explicitly the Public Issues Anthropology relevance of the research, and (2) explain and justify the particular venue that you have chosen for the possible publication of the second chapter. The venue will normally be a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

Chapter 2 (up to 7500 words)

  • This chapter shall be in the form of a complete draft journal article, ready for submission to the proposed journal, including list of references cited. [Please note that the actual submission of this chapter for publication is NOT a requirement of the program.]

Term-by-term program of study

Term 1 (fall)

Enroll in ANTH 600 and ANTH 608.  Consult with Supervisor about possible thesis topics.

Term 2 (winter)

Enroll in ANTH 614 and one elective.  Get approval of thesis topic from committee.  Get approval (if appropriate) from university Ethics Committee for research.  Complete literature review and formulate research plan for thesis.

Term 3 (spring/summer)

Normal progress.  Enroll as full-time student and work on research (and, if appropriate, collect scholarship money or serve as a T.A.) with the goal of finishing in the Fall term.  Begin to draft thesis.

Term 4 (fall)

Complete and defend thesis.