Policies and resources


The Undergraduate Studies Calendar provides a list of University of Waterloo policies relevant to undergraduate students. Inquiries, or requests for copies of documents, should be directed to the University Secretariat, Needles Hall, unless otherwise noted.

You may also wish to consult the complete list of university policies.

Degree requirements

Follow the anthropology degree requirements link to learn from the University Calendar about the specific course requirements for the various academic plans offered within anthropology (e.g., Three Year General, Four Year General, Honours, etc.). Follow the Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements link to learn from the University Calendar about the additional course requirements that all Arts students, including Anthropology students, have to meet. 

Once you have decided to major in anthropology you should start planning ahead for the courses you will need to take, since not all anthropology courses are offered every year. And when you are choosing your courses you should be especially careful to avoid the following:

  • For the Arts Group BA Breadth Requirements, be extremely careful in determining which courses can be used for fulfill your Language and Culture requirements.  Only a very few courses for which the language of instruction is English can be used to fulfill this requirement.  Check the list in the calendar very carefully.
  • For your Social Sciences requirements, a maximum of two of your anthropology courses can be counted.  You will need to take a course in at least two of the other listed disciplines to fulfill your Social Sciences requirements.