Student profiles

Aparajita entered the Public Issues Anthropology program in Fall 2022 after graduating with her BA in Honours Anthropology from Waterloo. Her Master's research in biological anthropology will focus on aDNA studies and bioarchaeology, and she is also interested in the application of biocultural approaches to studying human experience in the past.

Shannon entered the Public Issues Anthropology program after receiving their Bachelor of Social Sciences in Anthropology at the University of Ottawa. They are currently interested in research concerning maritime archaeology, as well as preservation and conservation efforts in archaeology. 

Jessica Clarke

MA Student

Jessica did her undergrad at Wilfred Laurier University in Archaeology and now continues her education with a Masters in Bioarcheology here at the University of Waterloo. She is from Kingston, Ontario, and loves travelling and fantasy novels. 

Isabel Classen

MA Student

Isabel Clasen completed her undergraduate degree in Anthropology at the University of Waterloo in 2022 and has returned for a Master’s in the same field. She is interested in vaccine hesitancy and resistance.

Camila Font

MA Student

Recognizing language as powerful, Camila is currently interested in anthropology as political storytelling interrogating settled conceptions of a single reality, with the potential to inspire its publics to act for community.

Amanda Kubiak

MA Student

Amanda received her undergraduate degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Archaeology and Heritage Studies in combination with Ancient Studies. She has experience in CRM in the Kitchner-Waterloo area, with interests of expanding her fieldwork experience elsewhere. Starting in Fall 2023, Amanda is continuing her education here at the University of Waterloo under Dr. Alexis Dolphin. She has interests in pathology and sub-adult remains.

Wynne Manning

MA Student

Wynne completed her undergrad at the University of Waterloo with BSc in Health Studies. Her research interests are science and health information, ethnography, public perception, and public health. She resides in Milton, Ontario. 

Natasha Mughal

MA Student

Natasha got her HBSc from the University of Waterloo with minors in Biology, Anthropology and Psychology.  Her research interests include biological anthropology, bioarcheology, and dental anthropology.

Karen Rueb

MA Student

Karen completed her BA (Honours) at the University of Waterloo, majoring in Anthropology and French with a minor in Russian and East European Studies. She entered the Public Issues Anthropology program in September 2021. She is interested in exploring the history of anthropology, ethnography, and women’s travel writing, and the relationships between them.

Christina Saoud graduated with a BA in Anthropology and is finishing an MA in Religious studies. At the Anthropology department of the University of Waterloo, she hopes to utilize a feminist intersectional approach to war and refugee/(im)migration theories. As a Syrian national herself, she hopes this work can help her community as well as provide a wider understanding of how refugees/(im)migrants construct their sense of self and home.

Evie joined the Public Issues Anthropology program after completing her HBSc in 2022 from the University of Toronto in Forensic Anthropology. Her research interests include paleopathology, trauma analysis, and subadult bioarchaeology.

Menda did her undergrad here at UW in anthropology with a minor in cultural identities. She is now interested in pursuing anthropology and development, specifically in the longevity of development practices and healthcare.

Yingjia Wang

MA Student

Yingjia started her master program of Public Issues Anthropology in 2021 after years working experience in the global design industry. She has an educational background of BE Industrial Design in China and Art & Visual History in Germany. She is interested in the interconnection between sociocultural anthropology, design, and technology.

Robyn Wood

MA Student

Robyn finished her BA in Honours Anthropology at Western University in 2018. She then completed the MSc Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology program at Sheffield University in 2020, where she focused on Viking funerary practices. Her interest in the MA Public Issues in Anthropology program lies within bioarchaeology, dental archaeology and stable isotope analysis.

Alice Xu

MA Student

Alice graduated from the University of Toronto (Scarborough) with a HBSc. Double majoring in computer science and socio-cultural anthropology. She started in the program this fall, and her research interests include science and technology studies, software development, and ethnomethodology.

Andrew Young

MA Student

Andrew joined the Public Issues Anthropology program after earning a BA in Archeology & Heritage Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University. His research interests include the integration of paleoclimatology and archeology, human-environment interactions in Arctic prehistory, and the adaptive strategies of past and present communities in response to climatic changes.