About Anthropology

Waterloo's Anthropology scholars and students critically engage with the diversity of human experience and adaptation around the world in both historical and contemporary contexts. Our departmental programs and research activity cover the discipline's major sub-fields of:

  • Sociocultural anthropology
  • Archaeological anthropology
  • Biological (Physical) anthropology

Undergraduate program

Our undergraduate program offers a full range of degree options, from minor to honours-major to a co-op program through Honours Arts and Business (select Anthropology as your major). Students benefit from a blend of classroom and fieldwork learning experiences, supported by resources and opportunities such as teaching labs, multi-media tools, international field trips and research assistantships.

Graduate program

Our MA program in Public Issues Anthropology trains students to identify the relevance of anthropological findings and approaches to topics within public discourse. Our graduate students have written theses on diverse topics such as Arctic archaeology and climate change, drag queens and sexism, indigenous decolonization, and economic innovations in remote communities.

PAS building Aerial View

Visit Anthropology

The Anthropology Department is located on the second floor of the PAS (Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology) building. The main office is in room 2012.

See the campus map for the PAS building's location.  Consider attending our campus tours and events.  Visiting campus is one of the best ways to see if Waterloo is the right fit for you.