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Anthropology in the real world

Public Issues Anthropology is a 16-month master’s program (four terms: fall, winter, spring, fall) of full-time study in which students are trained to identify the relevance of anthropological findings and approaches to topics within public discourse. Students apply anthropology in their examination of pressing current issues that impact diverse publics, and conjoin anthropological theory and data where possible.

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Archaeological | Biological | Cultural

The Public Issues Anthropology program represents a unique approach to graduate studies in anthropology, and is based on two principles:

  • There are themes and issues that are fundamentally anthropological and which therefore cross-cut and integrate the traditional subdisciplines of anthropology—cultural, biological, archaeological (as well as applied and linguistic)—even at the level of advanced research.
  • Anthropological findings, theory, practices, experiences, and methodologies have relevance for many topics that show up today in the public sphere.

Some students in our master's program choose to focus on traditional research topics and methods within their chosen subdiscipline, emphasizing in their thesis the public implications of their findings. Other students use the opportunities afforded by our program to explore topics that span multiple subdisciplines, or to explore innovative or non-traditional anthropological research topics and methodologies. Some of the students attracted to our program are interested in using the methods and findings of Anthropology as a way to explore issues of social justice, although doing so is not a requirement of the program. If you are wondering whether our program might be right for you, you are welcome to contact any of our professors whose research expertise includes your area of interest, or the Anthropology Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, Jennifer Liu.

Careers for our graduates

Public Issues Anthropology graduates have expertise in both anthropological knowledge and applied skills that have proven useful in pursuing studies at the doctoral level in Anthropology and in other disciplines, and to a range of employers.

Graduates of this program have pursued doctoral studies in Anthropology, Sociology, and Law at Memorial University, Simon Fraser University, University of Arizona, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University College London,Western University, Western Michigan University, and York University. 

Positions they have obtained after graduation include Cultural Resource Management Advisor, Digital Product Researcher, Field Archaeologist, Research Ethics Advisor, and Quality Analyst.

Employers who have hired Public Issues Anthropology graduates include Archaeological Services Incorporated, Centennial College, Conestoga College, Communitech, Desire2Learn, Hamilton Police Services, Parks Canada, Scarlett Janusas Archaeology, Scribendi, Statistics Canada, TheMuseum,Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants, Trillium Gift of Life Network, TWG Software, University of Waterloo, and Woodland Heritage Services.