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Winter 2023 Anthropology Courses

Course Code Course Title
ANTH 100 (001) Introduction to Anthropology (ONLINE) 
ANTH 100 (002) Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 201 / CLAS 221 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 202 Social & Cultural Anthropology (ONLINE)
ANTH 204 Biological Anthropology
INDG 272 / ANTH 272 Issues in Contemporary Indigenous Communities in Canada
ANTH 289 Special Topics: Primate Behaviour
ANTH 290 Visual Anthropology
ANTH 305 Paleopathology of Health and Disease
ANTH 309 The Archaeology of North America
ANTH 365 Human Evolution (ONLINE)
ANTH 381 Anthropology of South Asia
ANTH 455/655 Skeletal Biology & Forensics


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