Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy is closely associated with the Department of Gender and Social Justice our staff administrates both programs and many of our faculty teach in both areas. For more information on the Gender and Social Justice Department visit their website


Philosophy addresses some of the most fundamental and difficult questions there are, such as:

  • What is the nature of the human mind?
  • What makes knowledge trustworthy?
  • What are the standards of good reasoning?
  • What is a just society?
  • What is the best way to live?

Philosophy as an academic discipline attempts to answer these questions with a combination of creativity and analytical rigor.



The 2023 autumn issue of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS) Association features the article "How To Ask Biologists Metaphysical Questions Without Explaining Metaphysics" (page 18) by Angella Yamamoto. Yamamoto is the recent winner of the 2023 Hadden Prize and a University of Waterloo Ph. D student of Philosophy. 

Congratulations to Angella Yamamoto on winning this prestigious award and on your exciting publication.

To read the full issue or download a PDF copy visit 

No. 106 Autumn/Automne 2023 - CSHPS/SCHPS