Online learning

The Philosophy Department offers online courses each term (Fall, Winter, Spring) through out the academic calendar year.  These courses are available from the CEL: Centre for Extended Learning (formerly known as Distance Education).

Enrolment policies for online courses:

Please be aware that the Philosophy Department applies the following enrolment policies regarding Online courses without exception:

  • Overrides will not be granted for fully enrolled courses.
  • The Philosophy Department does not maintain waiting lists. It is therefore the student's responsibility to keep checking QUEST for any changes in the enrolment status of a course.
  • Though course reserves may be adjusted from time to time during the course selection period, reserved spaces will not be granted by override. It is the student's responsibility to keep checking QUEST for spaces that may become more generally available due to adjustments in course reserves.
  • Students will not be allowed to enroll in Online courses beyond the end date of the Add period--typically, the end of the second week of term. Spaces that remain unfilled by the end of that date, or that open up because of drops that occur beyond that date, will not be treated as new opportunities for students to join a course.

Recommendations for successful enrolment in online courses:

  • Do not miss the course selection period as online courses frequently fill up early.
  • If you are currently unable to enroll in an online course, keep checking QUEST in case spaces open up prior to term due to drops or adjustments in reserve restrictions.
  • You will enhance your chances of securing a space if you check QUEST regularly and often.

If you want more information about the details of the Philosophy online courses or specific advice concerning course selection and degree requirements, you are urged to consult the Department's Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies, Katy Fulfer,  or Extended Learning Coordinator, Dr. Gerry Callaghan.