You + Award-Winning Professors = Philosophy that Matters

Why Waterloo?

We are a vibrant, well established graduate program with strengths across an unusually wide range of areas including a specialized PhD program in Applied Philosophy, the only one of it's kind in Canada.

We give strong support to our students on the job market, whether academic, alt-academic, or outside academia. We encourage students who want to apply philosophical thinking beyond academia. Here is a profile of former PhD student, Teresa Branch-Smith, who completed an internship as "philosopher in residence" at an architecture firm.

We have a lively and engaged graduate community, which has been running its own graduate conference series for over 20 years.  We also host monthly socials where grad students and faculty get a chance to interact informally.

The Humphrey Professor  and the Rudrick scholar series bring important senior scholars from outside Waterloo to our community on a regular basis, along with our regular program of visiting speakers.

Visit Discover Graduate Studies for more general information on why Waterloo may be a good fit for you.

*Note: Currently we are not accepting applications from international students.

Learn more about our faculty's current research and their work with students. Interested graduate students also have the option of pursuing a Cognitive Science Diploma or a Diploma from the Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience.