Areas of Research

Areas of research

Our department is home to a vibrant and diverse community of researchers, working on a wide range of topics and issues. From ancient philosophy to modern ethical questions, our faculty members are at the forefront of their fields, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making important contributions to the field of philosophy. We are also excited to announce a new addition to our team starting in July 2023, Dr. Laura Mae Lindo.

Philosophers in our department value engagement with scholars in other fields such as the natural and social sciences, history, mathematics, and engineering. Our interdisciplinary approach generates novel perspectives on philosophical problems and enriches our contributions to philosophical debate.

Research clusters

Feminist philosophy

Cognitive science and philosophy of psychology

Bioethics and applied ethics

Officially recognized graduate research fields

Language, Logic, and Metaphysics

Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science

Ethics and Political Philosophy

  • Dave DeVidi (disability theory)
  • Mathieu Doucet (moral psychology, applied ethics, and public policy)
  • Carla Fehr (feminist philosophy of science)
  • Jacqueline Feke (history of science and ethics)
  • Katy Fulfer (applied ethics, feminist philosophy, and the study of Hannah Arendt)
  • Chris Lowry (social and political philosophy, disability and justice, and bioethics)
  • Patricia Marino (ethics, and philosophy of sex and love)
  • Brian Orend (human rights, just war theory, happiness and philosophy of illness)
  • Katie Plaisance (feminist philosophy of science)
  • Jennifer Saul (feminist philosophy, philosophy of race, and the ethics of deception)

Philosophy of Science and Mathematics