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The Gender and Social Justice program launched in September 2019, replacing the Women’s Studies program. Gender and Social Justice teaches students about social justice, with particular attention to the role of gender.  Students learn to put intersectional feminism into practice in diverse ways as they work to build inclusive, just, sustainable communities, locally and globally.

Students, whether they are majors or minors ( see GSJ programs), or taking GSJ courses as electives, will find our courses timely, accessible, relevant, varied, and surprising. These courses seek to cultivate awareness of the experiences of people marginalized by such features as gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, and class.  More than this, students will learn to use the theoretical framework of intersectional feminism to critically analyze systems and representations.


Monday, January 23, 2023

New faculty member: Laura Mae Lindo

Laura Mae Lindo

The Department of Philosophy is thrilled to announce that Laura Mae Lindo will be joining us as a new faculty member! Find out more about her arrival date and what she brings to the department here 

Jennifer Saul

Philosopher Jennifer Saul is pushing the bounds of a classical discipline to combat racism, misogyny and the spread of misinformation 

To check out this great article follow the link.